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"What's that movie with that guy that did that thing with that one girl? Oh, and it was set in high school back in the 80s?"

Have you ever asked someone a similar question? Well, I might need a little more information than that but I am pretty good at identifying movies. Lord knows I've seen my share of them and then some!

Harry Knowles of aintitcool.com.   Not me!!!
Harry Knowles of aintitcool.com. Not me!!!

I'm a Movie Geek!

With a library of at least a thousand movies and an incessant urge to perpetually expand my collection to infinite proportions, I am a certified movie geek!

So be my guest, utilize my useless knowledge and ask away. If I do not know the answer off the top of my head I will do my best to find the answer for you (or someone else might beat me to it by answering in the comments section ).

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I know what you are thinking, "I'm on the Internet where all answers are just a mouse click away, so why in the hell do I need to ask Imadork about a movie?!?!"

You probably don't need to ask me, I just thought this would be a fun hub. Who knows though, maybe you are too lazy to search or don't know how to go about searching with the info you have. I don't care, I just enjoy movies and I find pleasure in helping people rid themselves of that frustrating feeling of the total lack of recall.

Go ahead, ask away! 


This hub has been quite popular lately. Due to the increase in questions and my own personal problems of late, I have been unable to keep up. A huge "Thank you" to all readers that have picked up the slack and answered open questions! Most notably Patrol the Skies, who seems to be an even greater movie geek than yours truly! Go check out his YouTube page here:


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Nikki 243 3 hours ago

This movie has a women in the beginning kissing jer husband then she gets a vision and biys her husband's lip hard enough to bleed. He send to an asylum and tbe boy she has visions about helps her escape. Idk if this will help but i remember something with apples...

Sean b 7 hours ago

Can anyone think of a funny movie scene where there's a actress that screams or gets mad at there husband or boyfriend and he's not even by her but then the scene changes and shows the male actor saying something did he guys hear something? Like he knew his wife or girlfriend was pissed or screaming .... I think it's from a comedy within the last 10 or 15 years ??

marsha 10 hours ago

A movie in the 90,s about a women that looses her husband and (I think) about a man looses his wife that end up together'i believe she is Mexican and in previews it shows her sitting on on swing

Nina 21 hours ago

I remember a movie in which there are three sisters and they live in a place with their mother and father/step. There is mining at that place and one of the daughters loves someone but their father starts abusing them one aftr the other and their mother dies then....it may be a foreign film

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 29 hours ago from Illinois

Natasha 33 hours ago

Im trying to find an old move,I dont know the year but its about three kids who's mom dies at the beginning. Then children services tries to take them but, they run away and travel across the country with no money and alone to find a man who they think is there father. And they go threw a bunch of obstaclesthe way, only to find out when they get there that he is not there father But he ends up adopting them anyway.

REFerguson 33 hours ago from Maryland

@dj, the movie you're thinking of is called The Strangers starring Liv Tyler.

REFerguson 33 hours ago from Maryland

@dj, the movie you're thinking of is called The Strangers starring Liv Tyler.

REFerguson 33 hours ago from Maryland

@Katie, the movie you're thinking of is

No Good Deed starring Idris Elba and Taraji P. Henson.

Katie 34 hours ago

What is the movie... its kinda newer... but it is where this guy get in a car wreck and its stormy, and he goes to this womans house and ask to use her phone, and she goes to get her phone and goes back to the door but he isn't there and then she goes to her childs room, and he is sitting on the bed playing with her daughter, and im pretty sure he rapes the woman... plzzz help i really wanna know

dj 35 hours ago

what was the name of the film when the women said why are you doing this to us, cause your home

dj 35 hours ago

what was the name of the film when the women said why are you doing this to us, cause your home

guest 36 hours ago

what is the movir about three sisters in a mining place with their father abusing them

Bob 36 hours ago

Looking for a short film about a man who walks into a bodega whilst it's being robbed and gets shot. As he is falling down, he remembers a baseball game he played as a kid. It turns out that this game was the best day of his life. When he hits the floor he is dead. I saw this in the late 80's early 90's. It is either from an anthology of short films or a HBO Short Takes. Thank you for the help.

Paige 2 days ago

I remember a part of a movie I watched as a child and one part had a man who started getting gross boils all over his faceand he was gross trying to kiss a lady ... it was 80; or early 90's

what is this lol

nata 2 days ago

I saw a movie of a little boy who song whit his father and then one day his father got drafted to war and his mom started doing drugs and the little boy enters a contest to win money to save their house

Harrisonp 3 days ago

I watched a movie when I was a kid in the 90's about a boy in either a dream world or parallel world. It may have been a British movie made in the 70's or 80's. The boy is traveling through this very stange world/city that is falling apart, he talks to animals and monster types who are all a little off and is chased by a flying crow like bird. I believe the movie was based of a boy imagination who is in Germany during world war 1 or 2. I believe it was an artist who made the movie and I would really like to find it again. I believe I once saw its description when I was trying to look up another movie I believe was Tears of the Sun, which may have had a similar premise, about a boy in World War One who wants to be a pilot and is traveling around as a refuge and foster child through war torn Europe.

Harrisonp 3 days ago

I watched a movie when I was a kid in the 90's about a boy in either a dream world or parallel world. It may have been a British movie made in the 70's or 80's. The boy is traveling through this very stange world/city that is falling apart, he talks to animals and monster types who are all a little off and is chased by a flying crow like bird. I believe the movie was based of a boy imagination who is in Germany during world war 1 or 2. I believe it was an artist who made the movie and I would really like to find it again. I believe I once saw its description when I was trying to look up another movie I believe was Tears of the Sun, which may have had a similar premise, about a boy in World War One who wants to be a pilot and is traveling around as a refuge and foster child through war torn Europe.

Becquie 3 days ago

@Jeansmagic asked, there is a romance movie where the girl was to get married mom tells her to follow her heart and she runs out and jumps on a fire engine. ---- "Second Chances" - IMDb.com # tt2235348 - YouTube # pd-ykK986KI - Hallmark film where Jenny, a 911 female dispatcher with 2 kids, meets Cowboy, a fireman she has often worked with via the emergency telephone system.

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 3 days ago from Illinois

@Kaylee ~ Kate & Leopold (2001) From IMDb: Kate and her actor brother Charlie live in New York City in the 21st century. Her ex-boyfriend Stuart lives above her apartment. Stuart finds a space near the Brooklyn Bridge where there is a gap in time. He goes back to the 19th century and takes pictures of the place. Leopold~a man living in the 1870s~is puzzled by Stuart's tiny camera, follows him back through the gap, and ends up with him in the present day. Leopold is clueless about his new surroundings. He gets help and insight from Charlie, who thinks that Leopold is an actor who is always in character. Leopold is a highly intelligent man and tries his best to learn and even improve the modern conveniences that he encounters. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0035423/

Becquie 3 days ago

What action movie was it? World War II, action adventure movie is at least 20+ years old. German army trucks are speeding through the forest on a paved road, chasing the good guy. A German soldier is standing in the back of the open truck, facing forward. He does not see the wire strung across the road. When the truck speeds under the wire, the soldier's head is cut off, decapitated.

Kaylee 3 days ago

What's the movie (I think Hugh Grant stars) about a man who comes to current NYC from the older days?

Meets up with a girl somehow and she already has a guy who either pursuing her or is her boyfriend and conflict triangle happens?

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 3 days ago from Illinois

@Sarah ~ This is a guess: Redemption of the Ghost (2002) From IMDb: Convicted embezzler Witt Hampton escapes from prison. While hiding out in an isolated country barn, he is discovered by young Cassy and her brother, Jack. After convincing them he's a friendly ghost that only they can see, the three new friends embark on one imaginative adventure after another until, inspired by their innocent spirits, Witt vows to redeem his crimes. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0219272/

"Ripoff" often is used incorrectly, but this film IS a ripoff of the classic "Whistle Down the Wind" (1961).

Of course, this might not be your movie at all. If it is, you might want to see the earlier film, which is made in b&w and was written especially for Hayley Mills by her mother.

Movielove 3 days ago

I'm looking for a Kidnapping movie.

In this movie a son to a rich dad get kidnapped by a family with many children. This family have children/teens who are criminal and such but they are more of a family then the rich dad and son counterpart. The kidnapped rich kid get stockholm syndrome and start to like this family and don't like his dad cause he never pays attention to him and the kidnappers like him.

In the end the boy is friends with the kidnapping family but the dad did not pay the kidnapping family in time or something and 1 of the older teen in the family kill the boy and bury him with a shovel. In the ending they show the police what they did with the boy.

What is the name of this movie?

Amanda Wilson 3 days ago

There was a movie I kept seeing commercials for around Christmas/New Years this past year that I can't remember the name of. It's a romantic comedy, I believe it was just on tv, about a woman who is about to get married for the second time and travels back in time to before she was married the first time. It just came out (late 2014/early 2015) and the commercials showed her joking with old roommates and trying to figure out why the first relationship when wrong. If you know the movie that would be awesome! Thanks!

Sarah 3 days ago

there is a film I saw a long time ago. It was in colour about an escaped convict who met two children. A boy and a girl and he helped then save there dog when the dog got caught in wiring. The man was limping at the start. The buys both the kids a bike later on and saves the girl from drowning when she fall's in a river after falling of her bike. I think an old lady phoned the police and they came and arrested him just after he saved the girl. That's all I remember. Anyone know the film?

Jennifer Hawkins profile image

Jennifer Hawkins 4 days ago

Hi! I saw this movie when I was a pretty young child. It was already older (so like a 70s or 80s movie) and all I can remember is that the protagonists were young (teens or children). It was some kind of sci fi or fantasy and towards the end, they end up in this room filled with different "cubes" of "foam" and each one represents a different reality (or something like that). The older teens are talking to some NPC when the younger brother grabs a black cube and bites it and suddenly everything goes black (like it opened a black hole or destroyed the universe or something). I know this isn't much to go on, but something jogged my memory the other day and I wanted to try to figure out what movie this was. I don't remember anything else, but that one moment scared the crap out of me as a kid. Any help appreciated!

Kerfuffled 4 days ago


That sounds like BIG. Josh wishes on a 'Zoltar' fortune telling machine in an amusement arcade that he could be big. When he wakes up he has grown big - an adults body but still a 12year old boy in his mind. Tom Hanks plays big josh. Elizabeth Perkins is the love interest with the white bra

Sandnc 4 days ago


"The Thief Lord"(2006)


Bethan 4 days ago

This was a childhood film, but I really can't remember the name. I think it was something like "the ....... Theif" I'm not sure.

Plot: a teen orphan sneaks away with his adopted brother to Venice. Their mother described it as the city of wonders or something like that. They stumbled upon an old theatre which was habited with other homeless orphans. Their leader (the name of the film) was the greates theif they knew, or so they thought. He was really the son of a rich Buisness man, who occasionally stole some of his fathers objects and pawned them. There was something about a legend of this magic merry-go-round which could either make you older or younger. They just needed two magic angel wings to get it to work.

I honestly can't think of other important details I might have missed. But if anyone knows what the film is please let me know! Thank youu :)

Specula 4 days ago

Mojo Brown That's the one! Thanks, been looking for that everywhere. :)

MR 4 days ago

I watched this movie about 10+ years ago... I'm not sure if it had Tom Hanks in it. It's something about him being reborn (in a machine?) as an adult with a child's mind. And this woman tries to sex him up in one scene (she has a white bra and plays sex for him on tv). He also gets in trouble because he takes a child's chocolate bar or something... And gets handcuffed to a bathroom?

God, I wish I knew the title.

MC4ever 5 days ago

I’m looking for a movie or tv movie made in the late 80s\early 90s. Its about a group of men being hunted by an unusual man, rather beastly, but human. He preys on the men in the wildnerness. There’s a scene in which one of the men plays dead as a spider\insect crawls on his face\neck as the "hunter" stands before him looking for his next kill. I recall the end of the movie showing the hunter being thrown from a cliff onto some rocks.

CallMeCort 5 days ago

Genre: Horror / Thriller

Year: Not older than 6 years

Source: Redbox machine

Other: No well known actors, never made it to theaters

Description: Good looking, young couple plan to visit the guy's family. On their way, they get kidnapped and taken to a cabin. The kidnapper videotapes them but never actually hurts them. Come to find out, the guy actually paid the kidnapper. The girl escapes only to be caught by a crazy older couple who are really the guy's parents. The guy and his parents are about to torture the girl and kidnapper for crazy religious reasons. The guy plans to force the gay out of the kidnapper by having sex with him, while the dad plans to force the sluttiness out of the girl by having sex with her. The kidnapper and girl work together to escape.

CallMeCort 5 days ago

@ Ashley

Unbroken, awesome movie!!!


Mojo Brown 5 days ago

@ Specula, that sounds like the ending of Jay and Silent Bob strike back.

Mojo Brown 5 days ago

Not certain this was a movie, may have been an episode on some anthology show. Although if it was, I know it was not on any commonly known ones. It would have been from around 1980, possibly the late 70s. It was horror and involved an artist, who was traveling. My recollections of much of the plot is vague, as I saw it once, and I was very young at the time. Watching it, it seemed relatively new for the time I saw it. I am relatively certain it was on a VHF channel curing primetime. At any rate, this artist stops at a house. I don't remember where he was headed but I am pretty certain it was not this particular house. At the time I thought maybe he had some kind of car troubles, but now it seems to make more sense that it was some kind of Bed and Breakfast or something like that. Although, the only other people in the house were a pretty young woman, and an older lady. I want to say it was the girl's aunt. This guy ends up staying at the house with the women for a little while. He and the young woman begin a romantic relationship. He paints her portrait out in the yard one day, and sticks it in the trunk of his car when it is finished. One night he awakes to find the young girl standing over him. He tries talking to her but she doesn't answer him, she leers at him and her eyes and teeth are all weird. She starts laughing really eery and tries to attack him. He fights her off and runs to the old ladies room, and sees a strange man leaning over the bed. The man's eyes and teeth look like those of the young girl's He is attacking the old lady. I don't think he was a vampire, because it did not seem like he was to me at the time. The artist tries to get away, and while escaping somehow the house catches fire. He gets outside and passes out of something. The next morning he is speaking with police and they tell him, that the house burnt down ages ago. He insists that he had spent the last weeks or so there, and he has proof... the painting in his trunk. He opens the trunk and produces a blank canvas. In the back ground the young girls creepy laugh is played.

Specula 5 days ago

I'm having a lot of trouble with this one. There was a comedy movie with this one scene where 2 guys take around a MASSIVE ream of paper of all the hateful internet quotes people have said, track them down and ask them if they're the person with that username and if they said whatever the comment was and then drag them outside and beat the snot out of them. What movie was that?

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 5 days ago from Illinois

@jenny ~ This isn't made for TV, but I'll give it a try: That Night (1992) starring Eliza Dushku in her film debut, Juliette Lewis and C. Thomas Howell // http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0105572/

yede 5 days ago

please what is the name of that television show about 2 humans in dog costumes where the black one is dumb and smaller one with white and black patches costume is clever. They do not speak but just communicate with their movements. It is episodic and quite funny.

Sandnc 5 days ago


You're very welcome!

Lariap99 5 days ago

That's the one! Thank you so much! Was watching it the other night, it was hilarious. But I was exhausted and fell asleep forgetting to write the title down. Thanks again!!

Sandnc 5 days ago

Lariap99 5 days ago

What is the name of the movie where this guy in High School is doomed to relive the same day every time he ejaculates?

jenny 5 days ago

I'm trying to remember a movie - I believe its set in 60's - a young girl lives next door to a older girl who dates this cool guy. the couple have their ups and downs. and they befriend the young girl. I think it was made for tv.

REFerguson 5 days ago from Maryland

@Connie Coup

I think the movie you described is Deadbolt.

Sandnc 5 days ago


"Forces Of Nature"(1999)


skitzo 5 days ago

I cant remember the name of a movie where this guy tries to make his wedding and while he's on his way to his wedding he meets a girl. I cant remember if they end up traveling together or if they just keep running into each other at random places. in the middle of the movie his fiancé calls him tells him to hurry because there's a big storm heading to where the wedding is taking place. when he gets to his wedding the storm starts ruining everything and flipping tables n stuff and he runs into this one girl again and I think they end up falling in love and he doesn't go thru with the wedding .

Sandnc 5 days ago


You're very welcome!

Dabro 5 days ago

Trying to remember the title of an American (probably) film from about the early 1970s. A teenage girl is sad over the recent death of of her brother. She finds out that her parents are responsible for his death, and they may not even be her real parents. Once they find out that she knows about how her brother died, they make plans to kill her.

Anna 5 days ago

Sandnc thank youuuuuuuu soooooo muchhhhhhhhh :)

Sandnc 5 days ago

Anna 5 days ago

Hi I am looking fort the tittle of a movie I did not saw it all only the few first minutes so I do not know the whole story I only know that it starts with a boy, a young boy he sees a girl she is wearing a white dress and as soon as he notices her she starts walking than the guy goes after her he asks her who did it and she tells him by pointing a man that is driving a car than the boy goes after that man and asks him why he killed the girl the men refuses doing such a thing but the boy says he knows he did it the blood of her is still in his hands or something like that ....This boy can see the dead people the girl he saw was a ghost telling him who killed her. He works in a bar something I think hes a bartender or something like that he is talking to his girlfriend and an other men when he suddenly sees some black shadows coming from under the ground he is able to see the shadows but no one else is . The shadows look like are searching for people who can see them so he does is best to pretend he is not seeing them even when they stand in front of his eyes there is a moment when one of the shadows wants to posses the body of his girlfriend I think she is walking towards the door so he calls her to get her to turn around and talk to him so that she changes the direction and the shadow goes away when she answers he says I miss you already that`s all I can remember I hope someone can help me find the tittle thank you so much in advance :)

Ashley 6 days ago

It's a recent movie, this guy is a prisoner pretty sure he was a soldier also, but he is made to hold a heavy piece of wood over his head for a long time. Thanks in advance

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 6 days ago from Illinois

@Dabro ~ It's Alive! (1969 TV movie) From IMDb review: Bill Thurman plays Greely, owner of a back-road menagerie of which the most unusual attraction is a prehistoric monster (also played by Thurman) that is kept hidden in a cave and fed on unsuspecting passersby. When married couple Leilla and Norman Sterns take a wrong turn and wind up at Greely's place, they soon find themselves added to the monster's menu, along with unfortunate paleontologist Wayne (Tommy Kirk!). Greely's petrified housekeeper, Bella, is their only hope of escape, but can they convince the woman to risk her life to help? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0063145/

Harold 6 days ago

A bit of an adult film that watched around maybe a decade ago but there we two men and two women that would have sex with each other and often trade partners. A couple scenes I remember are the two men racing in a pool and also at one point in the film one of the men injures his foot.

Dabro 6 days ago

Trying to find out the title of a film from the late 1960s/early 1970s. American low-budget film about a young couple who get stranded in the middle of nowhere; they are taken in by an older man who has an older women working as his housekeeper. Turns out the housekeeper is really his captive, and the old man is some kind of mad scientist with a monster in a dungeon.

jeansmagic 6 days ago

there is a romance movie where the girl was to get married mom tells her to follow her heart and she runs out and jumps on a fire egine


MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 6 days ago from Illinois

@LindaC ~ I haven't seen this one, only read about it. That movie sounds a lot like "Freeze Frame" (2004). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freeze_Frame_(2004_fi...

Sandnc 6 days ago


You're welcome! Have fun!

LindaC 6 days ago

My sister was just telling me about a movie she saw late night 10:30 P coast time a couple of weeks ago.

It was about a man that recorded every thing that was said even when he was home. He would date these records and store them in his man room, where his wife and son could not see them.

The son was having to go through the house and get rid of every thing because the house was being repossessed.

I would like to see this movie because it sounds like some one I know.

Kerfuffled 6 days ago


Your right! The Cool and the Crazy! And its got Richard Bakalyan in it - how could I have not remembered that face from that era?! Thank you. Your correct answer has now sent me spiraling on a voyage of discovery: Richard Bakalyan, Robert Altman, The Delinquents, Dragstrip Riot, Hotrod Rumble. Oh dear, there goes my night....

jenny 6 days ago

I always thought this film was called not without my children but only not without my daughter comes up & I watched not without my daughter to see if it was that but it didn't ring any bells & I always thought Richard E Grant was the father in the film but it doesn't come up in his Wikipedia.

Late eighties early nineties I was only a kid so I can only vaguely remember. It could have been a made for tv film or a series my mam watched but she can't remember it.

Ok so I remember the father kidnaps the children (I'm quite sure a boy & a girl) & brings them to his home country I can't remember what country but it's foreign coz the kids are lightly dark skinned, I think she goes to the country but the father has them hid & she doesn't find them, but at the end they are a few years older & I remember them running to her.

I know it's very vague so I understand if nobody knows. It just has my head wrecked for a while now.

Sandnc 7 days ago

Mary 7 days ago

I think I saw this movie on Netflix. I think it was in London. Two wheelchair bound young guys break out of their "nursing" home and have a fling around town. One guy was good looking and daring, and tried to teach the quiet one how to pick up girls in bars. It was raining. One got an inheritance and they got their own apartment. In the end he died. It was sad but revealed the frustrations of people who are handicapped but want the same things in life we all want. I have no idea the name of it.

Connie Coup profile image

Connie Coup 7 days ago from Bauxite, Arkansas

Please help I have been trying to find the name of this movie. All I know is that it starts with a guy out on a run, returns home to find his wife or girlfriend dead in the tub. He rents a room from a woman that he shares an apartment with. Through out the movie he does things to the woman like locking her in her room. Toward the end of the movie he lets her out to have a romantic dinner and she poison him by putting some bacteria that she was studying from a petri dish on to his dessert. Thats all I can remember. Thank you.

Alexis 7 days ago

Hi, there was a recent movie that I only managed to watch the trailer. A young guys walks in the streets at night and sees human-like monsters without any face, just the teeth. Thanks

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 7 days ago from Illinois

@emma ~ I'm reminded of a couple of movies: Burnt Offerings (1976) (the likelier one); and The Sentinel (1977).

http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0074258/ ~ Burnt Offerings

http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0076683/ ~ The Sentinel

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 7 days ago from Illinois

@Bonnie ~ Old Enough (1984) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0087837/

Sandnc 7 days ago

@Samuel Levesque

"Tonight You're Mine"(2011)


Samuel Levesque profile image

Samuel Levesque 7 days ago from Quebec, Quebec

I am looking for this movie I saw on Netflix (I think). It was clearly British. It was a musical with lots of hipsters. The first scene was the band playing in a small car. There was a band (maybe it was The Proclaimers) that played the 500 miles song on a big stage midthrough the movie. There's a big fur coat involved upon the shoulders of the romantic couple throughout the movie. Oh yeah, it's about a guy and a girl that hate each other, are from different bands but get cuffed up together till the festival's end. It's one of my fav bubblegum movie. Thank you so much. I have been looking for that movie on the web, but cannot find it all.

Sandnc 7 days ago

@gerry flynn

That was an Italian movie called "Catch As Catch Can"(1968)

'the main character ran through a city with an umbrella while birds up above relieved themselves only on him'



gerry flynn 7 days ago

Looking for a movie probably from the 60s or 70s. A man is plagued by animals. He must carry an umbrella because if he walks in the open birds will shit on him. He goes to the dept of animal affairs and the people there are wierd....they act like animals...this is a comedy probably foreign made.

Bonita 7 days ago

I'm trying to figure out the name of a movie from the 1980s maybe early 90s, about two teenage girls who are friends, one girl has a brother who is sleeping with their neighbor, but they thought it was the girl's father at first because his tools were in the lady's apartment. I think the girls steal from a store in the movie and I also remember a scene where a group of guys harass women that walk by. Anyone know what this movie or TV show was called?

Sandnc 7 days ago


That was "The Cool And The Crazy"(1958)


This is how it ends....

Ben gets his just deserts in a fiery car wreck. Then there is an obligatory moralizing segment, where a policeman screams at the surviving addicts, "Is this what you call 'kicks'?! Sooner or later, if you don't wise up you're all gonna wind up like this, one way or the other."

PATRICIA 7 days ago


Kerfuffled 7 days ago

Please help - im going mental trying to find this film! I caught this on TV late one night. Didnt see it from start. Never knew what it was called. And Ive never been able to identify it since.

Its an old anti-drug propaganda film. American. B&W. 1950s or even earlier. (Now, calm down before jumping in - its not any of the obvious ones like Reefer Madness or Assasin of Youth or Drug Addiction. Although it does sound exactly like one of those well referenced ones)

It features a group of guys who hang out in a coffee bar. They all indulge in cannabis - their slang word for it is 'stick'. It must be great stuff - after just one hit they're antsy: 'man, I need stick'

It ends with deaths in a car crash and a man standing with the girlfriend of one the guys, overlooking the accident, smoking his pipe and solemnly declaring something like 'well, thats whats happens when you mess with drugs' (not an accurate quote, but thats the essence of what he says)

Itsjustme 7 days ago

@alex creswell

You're probably thinking of the movie "Faster". Though its not his daughter that gets killed, its his brother.

@alysha 7 days ago

Where some little kids i think a little girl and 2 older boys discover a ship and go in and find a scientist whs crazy... its animation/kids movie

emma 7 days ago

It's a film from 80s or 90s a lady in a rocking chair with a scarf on her head think she has burns or scars bright blue eyes thinks she may be blind looking out of a windows humming

Caz 7 days ago

Hello, Im trying to find a movie from my childhood.

I think it was from the early to mid 1980's.

It was either horror or sci-fi. It was a low budget film.

It may have been a post apocalyptic or futuristic movie, but I dont know for sure.

The scene I remember is two teenage kids controlling a robot, and the robot pushes a bad guy in a hospital gown down the stairs to his death.

Any help?

Its not Deadly Friend or Short Circuit, before those movies and cheaply made.

scuferpuf profile image

scuferpuf 7 days ago from Slovenia

I'm looking for a movie I've seen a long time ago. I remember just a few things from the movie and I hope someone could help me find it. There's also possibility that's a TV Movie. Anyway it was about two teenage friends who were cheerleaders I think. One got a new pair of white sneakers from her mum (i remember her room was pink). And then she should go on competition, but she never showed up. Later the found her sneakers in camp where was growing wheat I think and then also her body. There was a neighbour i think who wanted to give a ride to her best friend, but she saw something in garden house and she connected it to her murdered friend, then in the car she runs away and then the got him ... that's all i remember. I hope someone could help me.

alex creswell 7 days ago

what is the movie were the rocks daughter gets killed and he has to find the killer

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 8 days ago from Illinois

@Das Auto ~ The Resident (2011) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1334102/

Das Auto 8 days ago

whats the movie where a landlord becomes obsessed with his tenant and ends up drugging her?

Artie 9 days ago

I am looking for the name of the movie in which a married man with mob ties cheats on his wife with another woman who is also no angel. Later the woman he cheats with forces him to dig a grave and bury a mutual assocate. He think he kills her and puts her in the backseat and she comes to life and wraps her legs around his head trying to strangle him. Later the woman loses an arm. But he still can't resist her and has sex with her again. She gets accused of murder. Walks away laughing that she gets away with murder. He shoots her at the end.

Sandnc 9 days ago


Ok, one more guess....."A Long Return"(1975)

....'The couple has only a short time together as David dies (possibly of heart failure or old age) a few days later. After David’s death, Anna’s doctor comes by the house, asking the grief-stricken widow, where she will go from here.....She then tearfully glances at the doctor and utters to him “Today is the first day of the rest of my life,” knowing David would want her to go on living her life.



Itsjustme 9 days ago

@Antonio R Johnson

You're welcome A Hole lot! Lol

jaya 9 days ago

Whats the movie where the guy and the girl are moving into a new house and the girl makes the guy reorient the bed so shes away from the window in case kidnappers come on so he can protect her?

S-Dn 9 days ago

Thank you so much, but I guess the movie I am looking for is a different one. See, She wakes up almost at the end of the movie to see how much her husband has aged. The movie ends with his death and she leaves him at home and pulls down the shades and goes away with her doctor. Actually that is the soundtrack of the movie I am looking for.

I am not sure about the year, but I guess it is in the 70s or 80s.

Thank you again.

mattg 9 days ago

dont call him a hole! lol

Antonio R Johnson 9 days ago

Thanks.....a hole lot

Itsjustme. 9 days ago

@Antonio R Johnson

That would be "The Explorers" one of my favorites as a kid.

Antonio R Johnson 9 days ago

It's been 15 years or so, but this move had a black ball that this little girl and boy had, and it took off in the room like a bullet and smashed and broke things in the room. Finally they both wound up in this spaceship with this big monster that looked simular to "Barney"(I love you,you love me, we're one great big family ect...) And it says to them "Amaze your friends, be the life of the party

Mike 9 days ago

What movie is this scene from? A 90's movie??https://fbcdn-sphotos-f-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-...

Sandnc 9 days ago


You're very welcome!

mattg 9 days ago

Amazing; thank you!!!

Sandnc 9 days ago


"Fade To Black"(1980)


mattg 9 days ago

Movie I saw in early 1980’s as a kid. Only recall 2 scenes: Antagonist murders his mother by pushing her wheelchair down the stairs AND the end where he is chased by the detective hunting him to the top of the Mann’s Chinese Theater where he is shot(?) and falls to the street below.

Sandnc 9 days ago




You're welcome! Glad to help!

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