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"What's that movie with that guy that did that thing with that one girl? Oh, and it was set in high school back in the 80s?"

Have you ever asked someone a similar question? Well, I might need a little more information than that but I am pretty good at identifying movies. Lord knows I've seen my share of them and then some!

Harry Knowles of aintitcool.com.   Not me!!!
Harry Knowles of aintitcool.com. Not me!!!

I'm a Movie Geek!

With a library of at least a thousand movies and an incessant urge to perpetually expand my collection to infinite proportions, I am a certified movie geek!

So be my guest, utilize my useless knowledge and ask away. If I do not know the answer off the top of my head I will do my best to find the answer for you (or someone else might beat me to it by answering in the comments section ).

Just type your question in the comment box at the bottom of this page (NOT in the "Ask a Question" box on the right-hand side of page ). Sorry if it takes awhile for me to answer. I am not on the net 24/7. Your question could be answered in mere minutes or it may take a few days. Bookmark this page and keeping checking back.


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I know what you are thinking, "I'm on the Internet where all answers are just a mouse click away, so why in the hell do I need to ask Imadork about a movie?!?!"

You probably don't need to ask me, I just thought this would be a fun hub. Who knows though, maybe you are too lazy to search or don't know how to go about searching with the info you have. I don't care, I just enjoy movies and I find pleasure in helping people rid themselves of that frustrating feeling of the total lack of recall.

Go ahead, ask away! 


This hub has been quite popular lately. Due to the increase in questions and my own personal problems of late, I have been unable to keep up. A huge "Thank you" to all readers that have picked up the slack and answered open questions! Most notably Patrol the Skies, who seems to be an even greater movie geek than yours truly! Go check out his YouTube page here:


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milena 8 hours ago

Hi there was a movie I saw yesterday & I cant get it out of my head..

it involves a blond actress where she becomes a lawyer where she puts away criminals all up until this one killer who is an artist comes along. he trys to strangle her because he almost ended his life.. two years later she moves to NY and becomes a therapist to get him out of her head. He gets released from prison to get a second trail and he comes after her in NY ... whats the name of the this movieee!! its driving me crazy , I think she was known has " Ms.Dean or something"

Simon 16 hours ago

@d from 9 days ago

you asked,

"seen one awhile back where a couple fall in love but live in 2 different worlds one is inverted where the elite rule and lower class from the other world go to work,....."

I watched it on NetFlix a while back, but no longer available on there. "Upside Down" (2012) with Jim Sturgess and Kirsten Dunst

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 21 hours ago from Illinois

@forgetmenot ~ I think it's a little-known Patrick Swayze film titled "Three Wishes" (1995). http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0114663/

You can see the boy flying in the fireworks in the movie trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQR4_rT0qB4

forgetmenot 21 hours ago


I cant remember the title to this one movie i saw in 2004 or 2003. I remember this movie was based around the 50s and this drifter came across this family who has a kid. The kid disliked his parents and became friends with the drifter, and the drifter gave the kid one wish for being so kind to him. At the end the drifter felt it was time for him to go, and the kid wished that he could go with the drifter and not live with his parents anymore. The drifter said that that would be impossible and the kid got mad at him and no longer wanted to be his friend. When the drifter was leaving he made the wish for the kid to fly and touch the stars (which just ended up making the kid fly around the exploding fireworks in the air) and that was the ending scene. Please help! Thanks!

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 24 hours ago from Illinois

@FloMoButterfly ~ You're welcome! Sometimes a "shot in the dark" hits the mark! *smiles*

FloMoButterfly 30 hours ago


Thanks so much!


Jerzygal8174 31 hours ago

What is the name of that movie....I saw this movie around 1998-2000. I believe Tommy Lee Jones or someone who looked like him starred in it. It was about a ex Soldier of the Vietnam war who would obtain several of his wives from Vietnam. He would abuse them terribly and eventually murder them and bury their bodies. His last wife escaped alive. I can't remember the name but I would love to be able to see it again. It may have been made earlier than 1998...Thanks

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 31 hours ago from Illinois

@Caitlin ~ The toy robot makes me think of this one: Haunting Sarah (2005 TV movie) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0463029/

The little boy drops his robot toy and goes back to get it, when he is hit and killed. His ghost clings to his cousin, a little girl; their mothers are twins, so the two children resemble each other and are very close. The robot plays a role in the haunting.

Mike 37 hours ago


It sounds like Mystic River.

yanm22 37 hours ago

Hi, I'm trying to remember the name of a comedy I watched no later than in 1987. I only remember a scene where the main character (a rather short funny guy) gets drafted by mistake and is personally drilled in military step by some sort of sergeant with (probably) red moustache. The main character irritates the sergeant immensely by his unmilitary behavior, so that the sergeant is marching side by side with the rookie with his angry look turned towards him, so that he can't see the obstacles on his way and soon bumps with his head into a pillar and, naturally, stops dead in his tracks, as if glued to the pillar with his ear. The main character doesn't seem to understand why and thinks the sergeant is listening to something inside the pillar, so he tries to listen to the pillar as well, but from the other side of it. Does it ring any bell? Thanks!

dominick 47 hours ago

@Cheryl2223 i think its called "the sandlot"

dominick 47 hours ago

Whats the movie where theres a black mother with a couple of little kids and she leaves them home alone and she never comes back, and one of the sons goes and lives at this couples house and the husband sexualy abuses the boy and when the boy gets older he burns down the house with the man inside. I think the man who molested this child was his grandfather but im not sure. And one day when the man was slicing carrots he told the boy if he told anyone their secret he would slice the boys fingers like carrots. When the boy became a teen he moved in a group home i think. But the last scene i remember the boy layed down on a bed and got glass stuck in his back

Caitlin (Again) 2 days ago

what is the name of movie when a little boy predicts a car crash, killed in hit n run, turns into a ghost, talks to an another little boy as a ghost, possesses a toy robot and kills the rest of his family.

Caitlin 2 days ago

My friend told me about this movie but he doesn't remembered the title of the movie. It's supposedly about a little boy who predicts a car crash, the next day he was in the car and saw the car crash. After he was killed in a hit and run and possess a toy robot and tries to kill his family. Please help me because it sounds like a really good movie!

fernando samarron 2 days ago

western where in the end army (blue coats) suround indian apache?? and he stakes himself to ground to die a worriors death

noclue 2 days ago

I cannot find the title of this movie for the life of me. I haven't seen it for a few years and I only caught the last few minutes and I was so confused I wanted to see the rest, and I have a rather brief somewhat detailed description of the ending...

A man with an irish accent is speaking with a woman in a bath robe In what I believe is her house. Then something happens and he raises his "cane", which happens to be a gun, and shoots her like 2 or 3 times. She then gets up and opens her robe to see the bullet wounds exposing her naked bloody body and walks out to her front porch, Plops down on a chair and dies.

that's all I have... and its killing me. Who was she and what did she do to make him so mad??? Help!

noclue 2 days ago

I cannot find the title of this movie for the life of me. I haven't seen it for a few years and I only caught the last few minutes and I was so confused I wanted to see the rest, and I have a rather brief somewhat detailed description of the ending...

A man with an irish accent is speaking with a woman in a bath robe In what I believe is her house. Then something happens and he raises his "cane", which happens to be a gun, and shoots her like 2 or 3 times. She then gets up and opens her robe to see the bullet wounds exposing her naked bloody body and walks out to her front porch, Plops down on a chair and dies.

that's all I have... and its killing me. Who was she and what did she do to piss him off like that???

saltysquid 2 days ago


I believe that's Bushwhacked.

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 2 days ago from Illinois

@Quinn ~ I'll try a guess on the second one, too: Some Kind of Wonderful (1987) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0094006/

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 2 days ago from Illinois

@Quinn ~ Apples and a killer make me think of "In Dreams" (1999) starring Annette Bening and Robert Downey, Jr., as the killer. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0120710/

DirtyOldMan 2 days ago

Saw a movie (spy genre) a few times back in late '70s early '80s, late night, might have been a substitution for the regularly scheduled movie (was expecting Matt Helm or James Bond?) - leading man starts the bathtub to filling then starts shaving, interrupted by 2 men and a girl, twist - shaver is now on balcony and gets the drop on the interrupting three - said 3 end up wrapped (mummy-fied) in rope on the hotel room bed; leading man is down on the street talking to ? (boss?) when police arrive (to investigate an overflowing bathtub and find the 3 on the bed). Would really like to know the title of this movie.

Quinn 2 days ago

Two movie question first is a movie at the near end the lady is at a fruit farm or factory apple, peach, or orange and she is getting chase by thekiller on the bridge he gets shot I believe by cops in a helicopter... The second is a movie where the guy ends up dating his best friend at the end of the movie after she drove him and his date around the city she was the popular girl at school

bobbuttons 3 days ago

A woman comes home and has a large blue plasticine octopus in her hall way on a side table that she adjusts when she comes home. I think shes blonde, did think it was Darryl Hannah but unsure now

treamer 3 days ago

what movie is it with a little boy in rainbow socks and white shoes dancing to a radio in a yellow room with a giant

Tony 3 days ago

Late 70's to early 80's, a boy is kidnapped. Some time goes by and the lead detective inadvertently knocks on a door and the kidnapped boy answers. While returning the boy home a caravan of cops are counting down the miles and blocks to the boys home. Its not I know my name is steven, but older. Thanks.

aaron 3 days ago

@dusty, sneakers 1992 with robert redford

dusty 3 days ago

80's comedy where there are two main characters, and they are buddies. one of them is called mother.

robhb 4 days ago

I wondered if anyone knows about the music in the opening and closing credits for "Too Young to Kiss" from 1951, starring June Allyson and Van Johnson. It sounds exactly like some of the music from "The Wizard of Oz".

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 4 days ago from Illinois

@FloMoButterfly ~ Ribisi plays a very disturbed youth in "The Gift" (2000). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Gift_(2000_film)

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 4 days ago from Illinois

@Ebony ~ Maybe this one could be it: Haunting of Winchester House (2009) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haunting_of_Winchest...

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 4 days ago from Illinois

@Flakeybandit ~ Here's a wild guess: The Warriors (1979) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Warriors_(film)

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 4 days ago from Illinois

@pjbac2001 ~ My Six Loves (1963) From Wikipedia: Janice Courtney is a big success on Broadway, but the busy actress collapses from exhaustion. A doctor orders her to return to her Connecticut home for a long rest. In a shack on her property, Janice discovers six children and a large dog, abandoned and living on their own. Taking them in, Janice takes care of the kids with the help of housekeeper Ethel and local minister Jim Larkin. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/My_Six_Loves

My family went to see this n the theater, and we remained a fan of the film.

pjbac2001 profile image

pjbac2001 4 days ago

Looking for the name of the a movie about an actress who lives in the country and finds 4 or 5 children living in an abandoned camper. The children's parents have left them and don't show up till later for the children. I think it was Doris Day. She had a maid living with her and I believe one of the children doesn't talk.

Tony 4 days ago

Coco, that was it!!! Thank you!!!

Flakeybandit profile image

Flakeybandit 4 days ago

What's this movie? It's set in 70s or early 80s....... A group of people are lost in an American city at night. They encounter various problems e.g. Night gangs..... The ending of the film is when daylight appears and the protagonists are safe again.

Oliver Queen 4 days ago


I think your animated movie sounds very much like this one:


Oliver Queen 4 days ago

This one may be a bit of a brain teaser.

I can't even remember if it was a Film or a TV Show.

Basically the end scene is a guy crying making a speech about how they "owed" it to someone to live their lives and be better.

The reason why is because that someone had saved their lives before.

I think a group of them had all been in a war together (maybe Iraq?)

He's crying because one of the guys who was part of the group hadn't been as good a person as he could have and was now dead I'm sure.

I remember that there was a fair amount of flashbacks to when they were all together.

Pretty sure it's not Saving Private Ryan.

dh4lfig 5 days ago

This movie is about the moon being fragmented and the earth has around 30 days to survive. In this time a man and woman meet and attempt to have a fulfilling relationship in the time they have left.

Ebony 5 days ago

A family goes on a trip and they ran off the road but don't no it they arrive t the house and stuff starte happening and finally they got out the house and so they walked and then looked in the deach and saw there body's at the end they did not no they were dead . What's the name of that movie

MrE 5 days ago


It's called "Japanese Story"(2003) with Toni Collette.


coco 5 days ago

This movie is set in Australia. A woman has to drive this Japanese man around. He wants to go in the outback and the jeep gets stuck. They stay stuck till the next morning when the man figures out how to get the jeep out. The both become very happy and loosen up. Then they have an affair( he's married) They go swimming at a lake. He dives in head first in shallow water breaks his neck and dies. She meets his wife at the end when she comes for his body.

coco 5 days ago


The movie was Blood Feast.

Scared me to death

coco 5 days ago


I think the movie is Looking for Mr. Goodbar

James 6 days ago


Possibly "Revenge" with Kevin Costner?

ronnie 6 days ago

Possibly 1980's film, two white guys enter a run down house but discover it is occupied by a gang (possibly all african american) who chase them through the house attempting to kill them and stop them revealing what their secret is? Violent thriller. If I've dreamt this then I own the rights to this dream lol. thank you from rainy London.

Earl Stotler 6 days ago

I really need help finding a movie title, possibly came out in early 80s, (that's when I saw it on VHS)...possible a B horror movie but I a can remember is two brothers or possibly just best friends end up in hell I believe, or something like it and the ending the one brother has escaped and hears the other on other side of gate And when gate opens the brother has become the devil and takes him back in the gate...that how it ends and basically all I can remember...thanks for the help

karen 7 days ago

The movie starts where a young man wakes up and is obviously late for something. He gets dressed in a hurry and meets up with a few people at a public place. A few of the people he knows (I think he works with them) and then there is an older man who is interested in a software program the young man wrote. The young man then gives the demonstration of the software program he wrote and the older man likes it. That's all I remember of this movie, except I liked it. Thank you

Ed 8 days ago

Movie's about about a guy who goes back to his college and has a relationship with a freshman. In the end, he goes back home and rediscovers a girl who works in a bookstore.

Tony 8 days ago

Whats the name of that late 70's to early 80's movie? I can only remember a couple scenes. Its a woman teacher i believe who is stalked by this man who eventually ends up killing her in her kitchen by stabbing her to death in the neck. The other scene is the man outside the fence at her school and she asks another man for help who is black and he climbs the fence and beats him up pretty good. If you get this i will be very impressed. Thanks

Mara 8 days ago

I am trying to figure out this movie. (NOT "I spit on your grave")

It's a high school girl (outcast type) who is walking home one night, runs into and gets raped by 4 classmates I believe and they leave her for dead, but 1 of them wasn't really all that involved, more like a nervous onlooker. They grow up and she gets revenge on all of them 1 by 1 and confronts the last one who wasn't really involved and ask him why he didn't try to help her as much as he could have.. If someone could help, would be greatly appreciated.

Sierra 9 days ago

I really don't know if I dreamt this or if I actually watched it lol this is what I remember about the movie ...3 women live in the same apartment complex in the city. Some how a country boy comes into town and they all fall in love with him . I can remember him buying one of the ladies perfume and then he sneezes on herfrom the scent causing her to take a shower then he later joins her in the shower, at the end of the movie he is seen walking away in overalls as the credits play. I'm thinking this is a late 80's movie or early 90's I'm not for sure.. Thank you !!!!

Chad 9 days ago

I'm trying to remember a movie where the male lead (I think he's playing either a cop or a detective) keeps getting calls from his estranged wife where she never says anything, but somehow you know it's her. Driving me nuts. Thanks in advance.

Peggy 9 days ago

It was some sort of ward with multiple serial killer type people. Each of them had different things they were locked in for. Only two I really remember was a black woman (I THINK her name was Opal) She would chop up people with butcher knife and cook them. Another one was this really big guy had a lot of rage and when he got mad in his cage a red light would go off and he would have to try and calm down to turn the light green again. All of these killers were visited by this woman who worked for the prison, she was their person they liked to see daily. Well to get on with the plot of the movie something happens and a button is pushed were all their doors to their cells were unlocked and opened and get out. Netflix movie.

jimjun14 9 days ago


This is just a guess, but it reminds me of "Edie & Pen" , 1996, with Stockard Channing and Jennifer Tilly


I don't have a copy of the film so can't verify it.

9 days ago

seen one awhile back where a couple fall in love but live in 2 different worlds one is inverted where the elite rule and lower class from the other world go to work,.....

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 10 days ago from Illinois

@laura ~ The Adjustment Bureau (2011) ?


angelwant2be 10 days ago

Looking for a movie...where a boy is sent to a farm .makes friends with a special needs girl he build's an airplane in a ahead.end of movie he goes back there grown up and special girl has a dry cleaners saved all his post cards.. My email angelwant2be@gmail.com thanks

Zéphyr 10 days ago

ok I don't have much to go on, but there is a scene in this movie where a guy and a girl are at a bar. The guy lists four bad things (ie breakup etc) and says "bad things come in threes" and the girl says "that's four". Any idea?!?

Maximus 10 days ago

Luisiana,at night ,man is chasing some outside his house, and another enters the house and shoot his wife dead.

Shirlee 12 days ago

The actress is Dawn Lewis, I only can find information AFTER I post a question...dah

Shirlee 12 days ago

I need to know who plays the black girlfriend of Lt. Provenza in Major Crimes. I've looked everywhere that I know to look but no results.

laura 12 days ago

ok, so I watched a movie a few years ago in 2012-2014, around then... so this guy in 20's or early 30's or so is running for a place in the government. (forgot exactly what..) and he meets this girl and she teaches dance or was taking a class, anyway when he puts on this hat and opens a door anywhere and he has to think of a place to go and he's there. And people are trying to kill him or take over his mind and control him. I think the movie was pg-13

Simon 12 days ago

Older Comedy - Early 1980-ish? Comedy-Adventure

A man in the suburbs is told he is going camping with his friends. Once in the car they tell him that it was only a cover story for the wives. He assumes they mean to cheat on their wives and his best friend comments, "He thinks we have a bordello." No, instead they toss him on a plane and head out to be weekend mercenaries. Good luck figuring it out, because I can't recall who played in this one.

13 days ago


Jessica Davis29 13 days ago

I watched a movie on vhs around 1998-1999 it was about a wealthy couple she cheats on him he turns her into a drug addicted whore by injection she finally stabs some guy in the back while on top of her and escapes at the end it shows the guy she was having an affair with carrying her out of the whore house. Anyone know what that movie is called?

Marian 13 days ago

An animated movie (i think its disney) two people go to a future like place but its in the middle of the desert. Where they know theyre in the future bc the saw things from their time and looked old. So they were traveling and saw a community in a glass dome. People there were like primitives. But are really really smart. They control things with their minds and at one point started a food fight. Their food were like mashed potato.

Vibiana 13 days ago

I am trying to find a movie for a friend. She recalls the opening scene only. A number of nieces and nephews are together with an older woman. The doorbell rings and an older man comes in, gives the lady a rose and kisses her on the cheek then leaves. The nieces and nephews ask the old lady why she never married and then she begins to tell the story in flashback. Thank you.

One Cent 2 weeks ago

I watched a movie on Netflix maybe 9 months to a year ago about a Nazi soldier in a concentration camp helping his Jewish female girlfriend, who was a prisoner, escape...they eventually parted but at the end of the movie when both were older, she found out where he lived and in the last scene she traveled to where he was living and they got together. All I recall is one of them got of the bus and they stood there staring at each other. I cannot recall the name of the movie and cannot find it on Netflix; want to give the name of the movie to someone. Thank you!

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 2 weeks ago from Illinois

@Vickie ~ I haven't seen the whole thing, but I'll suggest: Resurrection (1999) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Resurrection_(1999_f...

Vickie 2 weeks ago

What's the name of the movie where the man went around killing people for certain parts of their body to bring this statue to life in his twisted mind, At the end the statue cried with one blood tear.

mari 2 weeks ago

was a parody movie about the first tv.

and i forget the name

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 2 weeks ago from Illinois

@name ~ You're welcome! Yes, there are a lot of movies with repetitive names, everything from "House" to "Fear", including a recent one I identified titled "A Kiss Before Dying".

Veronica 2 weeks ago

I think it's a 1970's movie when a drunk man drives his truck over his girlfriends tennis court. I've been trying to find out what this movie is for months.

sarah 2 weeks ago

What's the movie where there's a girl who cracks peoples bones in weird ways . the whole movies isnt about her though its just a part that I remembered I keep feeling like its kick ass but idk

name 2 weeks ago

That is the one MystMoonStruck thank you, there were 2 movies with that same name, i would not have found that movie if not for you, thank you

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 2 weeks ago from Illinois

@Ralph ~ You're welcome! And, thank you for the compliment! Both versions of the film are worth seeing, as they do differ somewhat; they are not identical in plot, so there are some surprises.

Jac 2 weeks ago

I've been on a quest for close to twenty years now to discover the title of a film I saw as a kid (early to mid 8ts, but the film itself may be older). All I can remember is I think it was an adaptation of Hansel and Grettel only the witch was married to a giant (with red hair and a red beard possibly) with magic boots that allowed him to jump extremely far, and they tricked him into jumping off a cliff ... I think. I'm pretty sure I'm not making this up. Any help would be appreciated.

Ralph 2 weeks ago

Thank you for the info...."A Kiss Before Dying".....YOU ARE GOOD! God Bless You!

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 2 weeks ago from Illinois

@LeeMac66 ~ Bad Ronald (1974 TV movie) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bad_Ronald

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 2 weeks ago from Illinois

@Tia ~ You're welcome!

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 2 weeks ago from Illinois

@Ralph ~ There are two movies based on the story. You probably saw this version: A Kiss Before Dying (1991) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Kiss_Before_Dying_...

The others is entitled the same and was made in 1956. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Kiss_Before_Dying_...

The novel was written by Ira Levin, the author of "Rosemary's Baby", "The Stepford Wives", "The Boys from Brazil", plus the play "No Time for Sergeants", all of which have been made into films.

Charles Willis 2 weeks ago

Divorced mother of two teans. She studying to be a shrink.One of her

young male students from a rich family wants to move into her basement

and live. He's a hacker who has gotten in trouble with the government for

breaking into their system. His step father is forcing him to write a computer program to steal money from millions of bank accounts. $9.99

Is max he will steal.

Ralph 2 weeks ago

Don't remember the name of the movie or the actors. All I know is the plot...as a boy this man grows up near a freight Rail Road yard with trains going by all of the time.....as he gets older he marries this woman and she is the daughter of a very wealthy man who owns this railroad company among other things.......I think he kills her and then marries her sister.....the movie ends with them back at the house he grew up in I think she was investigating who he really was. If I remember correctly he tries to kill her but then he gets run over by a train.....Please help.

Tia 2 weeks ago

@MystMoonstruck thank you!!

kity 2 weeks ago

what the name of this tv show from the video.?


in 2:00 to 2:23 seconds. have a tv show with kids tallk about lucky day


dannys196868@gmail.com 2 weeks ago

Homeless girl hanging out with college age kiss some how die then becomes decapitated her friend also homeless takes revenge and does unto them that witch they did to her can't remember name of caught a little of it haven't found again it was on Ifc

LeeMac66 2 weeks ago

Made for TV movie. Called something like weird harold or weird arnold (googled but coukdnt find). Mother and son live in house. Son accidenatlly kills a girl. Mother forms a room for him to live in in center if house (old bathroom?). Mother goes for surgery but dies during surg. Son lives in room after new family moves intonhouse and he spies on them

jerry 2 weeks ago

I'm trying to remember a movie. (I think its a 90's movie, which I saw on cable) where the main character competes at some type of event and wins the hot girl. after he wins, she's waiting for him in bed. but then he realizes he loves someone else and goes after her.

cool33 2 weeks ago

i am looking for a kids mini seris with 6 episdoe from 90s

about grup of kids

thay have a green stone,and thay come to anoter day in time stange day

thay say "this our lucky day"

some episode thay broke Vase

and thay have blue Helmet

anoter part man said "have a nice day you too"

Faye 2 weeks ago

Possibly Australian movie from 80's or 90's about Christmas which has a skiing Santa and humans dressed as penguins riding exercise bikes!!! Yes really

bob 2 weeks ago

sony 2 weeks ago

kid 2 weeks ago

help me find a mini tv show 6 storys about grup of boys and girls

thay have green Bright Stone . with poewer

and thay get to Another day in time. anoning day or lukey day

thay have a black cat

and one kid have

debra 2 weeks ago

a group of people who are selected to travel to another plant over a number of years only to find that they are still on earth.

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 2 weeks ago from Illinois

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 2 weeks ago from Illinois

name 2 weeks ago

Few years ago watch one of them end of the world type movies, forget most of it but these people they follow through the movit, and at the end there at this area where the global elite have planned for this moment years earlier and there is 2 great big floating ships especially made for this with the elite inside, many of the normal every day people find and reach this area but there stranded on the docks next to the vessel and the global elite will not let them in, the group we been following in the movie climb aboard via a different way to sneak on board, there was part where they needed to swim part of it inside and 1 or 2 got stuck and ended up dying, the others outside on the platform not knowing or following these people try to get on the platform to the ship but many fall overboard, the ones who sneek on board had something stuck which ment part of the ship could not close properly which they had to untangle the gear so the thing could close properly, after the elite argue back n forth they finally allow to put the bridge back from the ship to the platform so normal every day people can get on board, theyget on board, then the flood waters come nd flood the place and those in the 2 shipssurvive, one ship still not close properly and unsnagged the gear and ship closed properly just in time to reverse engines i think it was at this time to avoid ice berg i think, not 100 % remember that, but after that the 2 ships float adrift with the people inside, then the next day or whatever one of the side doors open and the people come out onto the observation deck to look out into the open ocean where there is no more land and the movie ends with that scene

Tia 2 weeks ago

I watched this horror movie probably 2 or 3 years ago. A family moves into this new house and the dad finds an old projector and some tapes. The tapes are videos of families being killed and it turns out there is a ghost in the house that controls the children and makes them kill their family. I really want to watch the movie again so if somebody could just tell me the name that would be great!

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 2 weeks ago from Illinois

@kismetix ~ "Four Rooms" (1995) comes to mind. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0113101/

rstuartm75 2 weeks ago


http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0492044 "The Haunting in Connecticut"

The movie about the kid with cancer and his mother who move into a paranormally active house. He soon develops psychic visions regarding prior occupants' clairvoyance, medium-psychism, and psychokinesis.

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