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"What's that movie with that guy that did that thing with that one girl? Oh, and it was set in high school back in the 80s?"

Have you ever asked someone a similar question? Well, I might need a little more information than that but I am pretty good at identifying movies. Lord knows I've seen my share of them and then some!

Harry Knowles of aintitcool.com.   Not me!!!
Harry Knowles of aintitcool.com. Not me!!!

I'm a Movie Geek!

With a library of at least a thousand movies and an incessant urge to perpetually expand my collection to infinite proportions, I am a certified movie geek!

So be my guest, utilize my useless knowledge and ask away. If I do not know the answer off the top of my head I will do my best to find the answer for you (or someone else might beat me to it by answering in the comments section ).

Just type your question in the comment box at the bottom of this page (NOT in the "Ask a Question" box on the right-hand side of page ). Sorry if it takes awhile for me to answer. I am not on the net 24/7. Your question could be answered in mere minutes or it may take a few days. Bookmark this page and keeping checking back.


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Also, click on your search engine's "Search Tools" or "Advanced Search" button.  There you can filters to narrow down your search.

All In Good Fun

I know what you are thinking, "I'm on the Internet where all answers are just a mouse click away, so why in the hell do I need to ask Imadork about a movie?!?!"

You probably don't need to ask me, I just thought this would be a fun hub. Who knows though, maybe you are too lazy to search or don't know how to go about searching with the info you have. I don't care, I just enjoy movies and I find pleasure in helping people rid themselves of that frustrating feeling of the total lack of recall.

Go ahead, ask away! 


This hub has been quite popular lately. Due to the increase in questions and my own personal problems of late, I have been unable to keep up. A huge "Thank you" to all readers that have picked up the slack and answered open questions! Most notably Patrol the Skies, who seems to be an even greater movie geek than yours truly! Go check out his YouTube page here:


Although I'm not as active as in the past I am still around, so keep posting your questions! If I don't get to it, chances are someone else will. Check back periodically to see if your questions was answered.

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FYI (cuz I'm starting to develop a pet-peeve) - When posting a question, if you know about how old the movie is, please add that bit of info. Telling me that it came out when you were young does not help me when I don't know how old you are.

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jerry 2 minutes ago


sorry for that, I put your name in the wrong box

@Ms-little 4 minutes ago

not American pie 2. I think it was late 80's early nineties. thanks though

looking for a movie...it was one of those spring break type movies. at the end, the guy wins the hot girl. the hot girl is waiting for him in bed. but he realizes he loves a different girl, and leaves to go find her.

Test 2 hours ago

Posts aren't showing up!

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 18 hours ago from Illinois

@Lisa ~ You're welcome!

Sandnc 42 hours ago

@Lisa Turner

It sounds like "Frances"(1982) It is set in the 1950's and is based on the true story of Frances Farmer.


Sandnc 44 hours ago

@Jacqueline Nieves

"Flashbacks Of A Fool"(2008)


Ms-little 45 hours ago

I can't remember the name of the movie I saw on netf!ix and i can't remember the mom or the daughter.The mom was manic deppressant and her daughter was trying to be normal and go to school. This scene sticks out. The mom offers the daughter and friends to the mall and the daughter dont want the friends to see her mom act out so shes like, no thanks, buf the friends are like your mom seems cool so the go. The mom ends up road rage, racing some guys, and almost crash. The friends are upset and call their parents. The mom has climbed up in a tree and wont come down. And the daughter is so embarrased until her bff says dont worry about those other girls. I always knew about your mom and that doesnt bother me.

Ms-little 45 hours ago


Maybe..... American Pie 2

Ms-little 46 hours ago


Thanks a million. Thats it. Found it on Crackle.

Jacqueline Nieves profile image

Jacqueline Nieves 46 hours ago

Okey dokey... I have been searching for the name of a film I saw in the early 2000s that I'm being lead to believe I dreamed up. Seriously, people think I'm crazy, and it's infuriating. This is a film about a successful man (maybe he is a rock star or rock critic...) in the U.S. who returns to his childhood town in the UK (a seaside town, I believe) upon the death of his estranged childhood friend (who happened to marry the woman our protagonist loved in his teenage days (which is when he left the town). Glam rock plays a significant role in this film (think David Bowie, not so much T. Rex - neither of these stars are mentioned, however. An obscure-to-me singer was the main focus of their introduction to the glam rock scene). ANYWAY, our protagonist goes through his teenage changes, adopting wearing glam rock clothes and makeup, and he and the aforementioned young lady have a fling.

At some point in the film, a child is left alone on the beach and discovers an undetonated WWII bomb. I forget if this ended in tragedy or not for the child, but I remember the ominous tone of the discovery.

I forget what happened to make the boy leave, but he essentially runs out on his girl and best friend (who loves the same girl). He loses touch with his friend (who married the girl years later) and only returns to the town when his old flame (the bf's widow) informs him of his ex-bf's death. For the longest time, I thought Famke Janssen was in this film (playing the love interest), but one quick look through IMDB told me I was wrong.

If you can help me identify this film, I'll name my first child after you. Scout's honor! :P

@Barb 47 hours ago

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you very much

Barb 2 days ago


I believe you are looking for the 1984 movie Lace with Phoebe Cate.


Christina 2 days ago

Okay... this one might be hard. The movie that I'm looking for is a drama that was released in the 80's (I think). Its mixed with a lot of flashbacks (similiar to 'Once Upon a Time').

It starts out with this young famous model looking out the window from the back seat of the car talking to either someone who works for her or a private investigator. She's looking at three women, who were friends since boarding school. As the movie progresses, you learn that one of the women - it's unknown to everyone except the three women which one until the end of the movie - is her birth mother. The model manipulates situations to where she forces them to meet her. One's son she seduces, to one she offers an exclusive interview about the start of her modeling career, and the third I don't remember.

At the start of the interview, it is revealed that the model had been pregnant at 16, the same age the birth mother had been. The model had been living in - I think - an eastern European country and dumped by her boyfriend after he learned that she was pregnant. She can't take care of the baby, so she has an abortion (it's learned later on that the model can't bring herself to bring a baby into the world and abandon it because of events in her childhood). She either turns to modeling for money for the abortion or for food after the abortion.

During another flashback the three women (then girls) approached the dean of their boarding school regarding the pregnancy. They have photos to blackmail him into allowing the pregnant teen to stay in school.

In another flashback, the model (barely out of toddlerhood) is running with an adult couple, trying to make it to the border. The baby had been left with the couple by the mother with a promise to return, but never did and. They are in the middle of a wartorn country in eastern Europe. Soldiers end up killing the couple and the model (girl) is sent to either a prisoner camp or a refugee camp where sometime while there she is sexually molested.

At the end of the film, the model reveals who she is and that she just wants to know who her mother is and will leave the son alone, give the interview, and make good on the other promise if they would just tell her which is her mother. The final scene is where one of the women meets with her. It's not spoken, but assumed that this woman is the model's mother.

WHAT MOVIE IS THIS?!!! It's driving me nuts!

jerry 2 days ago

it was one of those spring break type movies. at the end, the guy wins the hot girl. the hot girl is waiting for him in bed. but he realizes he loves a different girl, and leaves to go find her.

Christina 2 days ago

Robin, I believe that kid was played by Jonathon Taylor Thomas. If IMBD is correct, then the movie you're looking for is Wild America

Lisa 2 days ago

Thank you, MystMoonstruck !!! I will watch them both.

Sandnc 2 days ago




Nicole 2 days ago

Hey Uhm what's the movie where he is a loser and likes a girl in the same office then he was in a bar no one likes him cause he was weird to them then a really pretty girl offers him a deal then he has a clicker and that girl was the devil he has different lives with the girl he likes but it's just never perfect I forgot the rest I just wanted to know the title hope you can help !:))

Robin 2 days ago

Ok, so I have been trying for YEARS to figure out what movie this is. There is a father and son that are interested in planes, I think they fly together. It is a young boy (maybe 7). His dad gets sick and is in the hospital. The son has to do a performance or something in front of a large crowd. The room is silent, but then all of a sudden a slow clap erupts and its his dad. Movie came out between 1995-2005.

MystMoonstruck 2 days ago

@Lisa ~ It sounds like a mixture of two movies: An Affair to Remember (1957) and Same Time, Next Year (1978). In the first, two people who are involved with others keep meeting then finally agree to meet at the Empire State Building in, as I recall, six months; she cannot keep the rendezvous because she is hurt in an accident. In the second movie, they're married to others but meet one weekend each year; she is never in an accident. I would lean toward the first movie, which is a remake of "Love Affair" (1939).

Lisa 2 days ago

2 people a man and woman both married to separate partners slip away annually to a special place. After 10 years of annually meeting they decide to be together. She does not meet him the next year as she had been in a terrible car accident..........

Sandnc 2 days ago


"Stir Of Echoes"(1999)


Safrole 2 days ago

I'm trying to remember the name of a movie...possibly came out in the early 2000s. It's about a guy and his wife's friend performs some sort of psychic cleansing or something on him in order to open his mind up to the unknown. Now he can't close it and he start communicating with a dead girl that is buried in his basement. He digs through the floors etc. until he solves her murder or something. Please help!

Sandnc 3 days ago

Kim 3 days ago

Girl gets hit by car in NY, breaks arm and leg - sister doesn't help much nor best friend so she calls Ex boyfriend b/c she was there for him for 2 yrs fighting Cancer- then he sells software and becomes a Millionaire. Now he left her and she guilted him into taking care of her every evening before going home to new girlfriend

Lisa Turner 4 days ago

Its an old movie, (50's maybe) and I don't believe it is "the snake pit" about a girl who was placed in a mental hospital by her mother. It wasn't because the girl was insane, but because the mother didn't want to care for her any longer. My memory is fuzzy, but I kind of think it may have had the girls name in the title.

Sandnc 4 days ago




Ms-little 4 days ago

I saw this movie about 3 weeks ago, It looked futuristic, but im sure it was made in the last 10 years. A woman with black hair who carried a suitcase and there was a baby in water. She is not to know what is in the suitcase. There is a vampire storyline and this baby has some powers to cure.

colleen 4 days ago

@KC, Could it be coco mung?

Sandnc 4 days ago




Misha 4 days ago

There was a recent movie about friends get their friend drunk and posts it on Facebook, she dies haunts them by sending requests and kills them on social media

Sandnc 4 days ago


Sounds like "After The Dark"(2013)


Ellie 4 days ago

Hi, I saw a movie within the last year or so when it first came out and cannot remember for the life of me what its called. Not the nicest film tbh, gave me nightmares actually lol. Its one of those weirdly named one word movies like perception or limitless but not them. It started with a bunch of American college students in a far eastern country talking about social psychological stuff and what would happen if they were all stuck in some sort of bomb shelter. The teacher was chucked out at one stage and there were fights over the few girls in there allowing the possibility of continuing the human race. Bit nasty tbh, but the fact that I can't remember the name is seriously annoying so if you could help that would be great thanks

manymohawks@gmail.com 4 days ago

i think its an early 80s movie about a family of monsters and at the end they all end up in a fish tank as some kinda worms

Sandnc 5 days ago


You're welcome!

You can watch the full movie here....


sandy 5 days ago

that's it!!! the last frontier with linda evans. thank you thank you. now maybe I can find it and see the ending. now I know who to ask if ever I cant think of the name of a movie. again thanks

Sandnc 5 days ago


Way to go!

ddj 5 days ago

@Sandnc no need to apologize my decrepit memory threw you off in the wrong direction. I could of swore it was b/w but it was color. I just found it Sleuth 1972. Thank you for your quick response.

Sandnc 5 days ago


Sorry I couldn't help!

Sandnc 5 days ago

ddj 5 days ago

@sandnc I just watched house of evil that's not it. This ones black and white, automatons aren't evil, more Victorian toy like. The eccentric guy plays mind games with the detective but the detective is smarter. I think the detective has a bushy mustache, and the eccentric guy keeps sitting in a chair too big for him with a padded foot rest.

John 5 days ago

Im trying to find a movie. Its about a man who was a all american football star in high school, but in the final game he broke both his legs and didn't go to collage. He instead became a bean farmer and hated his life. He tried killing himself after his crop goes bad and he "goes back in time" or has a flashback to his high school career then he makes the same decision as he did before to win that final game.

Sandnc 5 days ago


"House Of Evil"(1968) with Boris Karloff


ddj 5 days ago

I'm looking for a movie, it's black and white and set in an English castle or mansion. I think the whole movie takes place in the mansion. The whole place is filled with automatons. I think the guy murdered somebody and buried him or her in the yard. The local town policeman keeps coming to his mansion asking him questions. At some point he takes the policeman to the basement which is also full of automatons. I think he finally confesses to the policeman in the end.

Becca 6 days ago

Sorry about posting this earlier but I'm looking for a movie about the end of the world where there is this girl that needs to find these rings in order to stop the world from ending and there is a dome and volcanoes. Her brother has asthma and that plays a part in the end of the movie. At the end they find the rings and there is an explosion and the dad carries the girl to the car and makes it home. Also the government wanted to kill her as a sacrifice.

James 6 days ago

LordTony, are you referring to the Tom Cruise movie "Oblivion" that came out a 2-3 years ago?

Sandnc 6 days ago


"Yesterday's Target"(1996)


You can watch the trailer here....


Sandnc 6 days ago


It sounds like "The Last Frontier"(1986 TV Mini-Series)


sandy 6 days ago

i'm looking for a movie i saw awhile back about a womans husband dies suddenly and she finds out they're broke other than a piece of land he had that she didn't know about. i want to say it was in australia. she moved her and her kids there & tried to raise horses. some people were trying to get her to sell and when she refused they set fire to her house putting her son in the hospital. cant remember the name to save my life. i want to say it was a 2 or 3 part show. i remember having to wait a week to see what happened. if anyone knows which movie i'm talking about please let me know.

Dorian 6 days ago

I'm looking for a movie from around the 80's or 90's. Possibly a little older, I just remember first seeing it with my father as kid around then on tv. It was about a group of people with special abilities (similar to the x-men), who were being hunted. I vividly remember one scene in which a man with telekinetic abilities gets hit by a bus, and walks away without a scratch, but leaves a large dent in the front of the bus where he was hit. Also there was a cook in it that could either create and/or control fire with his mind.

Ryan 6 days ago

I cant remember the name of a movie I want to re-watch. Its about some 20 ish year old girls and a guy or 2. There are boats involved and an island type setting for the houses, a murder or something involving them trying to cover it up, not a lot to go on and not sure how accurate that is, all I can remember from watching once many years ago. Thanks

david 6 days ago

Thank you james,that is it. Thanks again wife thinks i am a wizard

Sandnc 7 days ago




LordTony 7 days ago

what movie where a man and wife keep track of machines that are sucking water then find out they are really clones watching over the machines for aliens. They are led to believe that most of the planet is radioactive.

James 7 days ago

Stuff, I am not sure but the plot about the boy sleeeping with the neighbor who is also sleeping with his dad was subplot in "A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon" starring River Phoenix...

James 7 days ago

David, if you are referring to a recent movie, it sounds like "Boyhood" which was filmed over 12 years.

stc 7 days ago

I saw a movie in the 70's. A young woman goes hunting and kills the hunters who killed her loved one. I didn't see all the movie. It seemed that her loved one was killed months before she sought revenge. Her dad might have been a judge.

david 7 days ago

Looking for a movie that actually films a boy through his life

Becca 7 days ago

I'm looking for a movie about the end of the world where there is this girl that needs to find these rings in order to stop the world from ending and there is a dome and volcanoes. Her brother has asthma and plays a part in the end of the movie. At the end they find the rings and there is an explosion and the dad carries the girl to the car and makes it home. Also the government wanted to kill her as a sacrifice.

K.C. 8 days ago

There's this animated monkey movie I used to watch when I was little.

I watched it in 2001. (If it's a movie from that year or years before....)

It had all these monkey families in it. (And no, it's not Monkey's Tale or Castle of the Apes...)

There was like a newly married couple, an old monkey, a middle aged woman monkey, and at least 2 little kid monkeys. (A boy and a girl. I think the boy was her big brother....)

One line I remember out of it was where the little girl monkey was asking what a 'somersault' was and the boy monkey told her it was where she ate salt in the summer.

There was also like a tiger or something that lurked in the forest and would kill them or something. It killed 2 of them I think, because at the end of the movie, the 2 dead ones where dancing on a cloud like in Heaven or something.

I know there was at least ONE song in it.... And the woman monkey was the one singing it.

That's about all I can remember of it.

This movie has been plaguing my mind for YEARS....

I would really appreciate it if you would help me out with it.

Thanks in advance


DLearo profile image

DLearo 8 days ago

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 8 days ago from Illinois

@Zulu ~ The Unborn (2009) ? From IMDb: Casey Beldon has a dreadful nightmare involving a weird dog and an evil child, and she tells her best friend over the phone. Casey is haunted by this boy; and, when she goes to the ophthalmologist, he asks if she has a twin brother or sister. She asks her father and discovers that her mother lost a son that died in the womb. Casey suspects that she is haunted by the spirit of her brother. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1139668/

zulu 8 days ago

hi, I remember watch this movie/drama about a girl who had a twin brother.but her twin brother died in a womb so his spirit is like attach to her.its similar to a game beyond 2 souls. I think somewhere in 90s.

Sean b 8 days ago

Does anyone recall what movie a actor with powers makes

Jiffy Pop Popcorn and it explodes into a ball of foil covered popcorn. using his powers by holding it?? Maybe Hancock?

katnick 8 days ago

Whats the movie where man stands in lobby between elevator banks frantically waiting for an elevator. Stands in middle and shifts his feet pacing and dashes into first one

Jerr 9 days ago

The movie is about a special law task group put together to stop drugs coming into a city or the country? mean while main guy has a sister coming who is intercepted by bad guys forced into addiction of drug's and then to get her fix she has to turn trix to get her fix as payment

steff 9 days ago

Wait...Im remembering more about this movie:

I am looking for a movie that is set in the 50's about a boy who has a crush on his neighbor and then finds out that his father had an affair with her. I remember very little about this film, but some key things that stand out are: The neighbor was a single woman (or divorced), and she had a collection of glass figurines. It was made in the late 90's or early 2000's. Can't remember much more than that. Sorry.


The boy's mom was pregnant, and when she went into labor, the boy was alone with her and scared. He searched for his dad, and found him over at the neighbor's house, sleeping with her. He is all crushed and stuff, and his dad later tries to talk to him about it. Says that what he did was just sex, and had nothing to do with his love for the mom.

steff 9 days ago

Apologies if this has been asked about previously:

I am looking for a movie that is set in the 50's about a boy who has a crush on his neighbor and then finds out that his father had an affair with her. I remember very little about this film, but some key things that stand out are: The neighbor was a single woman (or divorced), and she had a collection of glass figurines. It was made in the late 90's or early 2000's. Can't remember much more than that. Sorry.

DLearo profile image

DLearo 10 days ago

@ Val: Could it be Reform School Girls (1986)?


DLearo profile image

DLearo 10 days ago

@ Leo: Beasts of the Southern Wild (2012)


Leo 10 days ago

Hi, does anyone know the name of the movie in this giftset?


Sandnc 10 days ago


"Family Weekend"(2013)


MystMoonstruck 10 days ago

@Jared ~ If it was a little girl doing the killing, I'd think it was "The Godsend" (1980). From IMDb: An English family of six take in a pregnant woman who disappears shortly after giving birth. They raise the baby girl as their own; but, over the years, the strange deaths of their children make them consider whether the little girl is more than she appears. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0080802/

Columbine 10 days ago

Hey guys, new here.

Yesterday I saw part of this movie and wanted to see it from the beginning later but I couldnt see the name.

(It was a mothers day special)

There is this girl that has his parents hostages(dont know why). She apparently has this weird family..

So in the part I was, she was getting ready for a jump rope competition, but as soon as she starts leaving the house, the cops show up. The cops go in and saw that everything was fine until thos guy came down and said "Oh hey. Look(talking to the girl) I cant remember much after you hit me in the head..." so after that the cops tell them to stay there but the family manages to trick the cops and let the girl go to her competition.

She wins the competition, but after that the cops come and arrests her. At the end of the movie her family went to pick her up from a mental institution. Yep, weird movie..

wiggles 10 days ago

I'm trying to remember a tornado movie that was made for TV where a mother and daughter go visit the mother's brother who is a cop. the daughter ends up meeting a guy in a coffee shop who offered to show her around a school campus..she meets up with him later in the movie and he takes her to a development that his father is building..he tries to keep her capture but she escapes and runs outside with a massive tornado there and theN her mother and uncle show up..

Sandnc 10 days ago


This is just a guess because the guy doesn't turn out to be a model, and you didn't mention how old it might be, but it sounds like....

"This Time Around"(2003 TV Movie)


Rebecca 10 days ago


Ive been looking for this movie for a while now and I can never seem to find it. I think it's because it's a very lowkey chick flick that probably just played on television. Basically from what I remember it is about this girl who was a "loser" in highschool and she gets picked on and stuff. Then it fast-forwards to the present, where shes now this pretty woman who works at this company (idk what kind of company). Then a guy walks in and it turns out to be the "popular" guy from her high school who she was in love with and he's now a model. He doesn't recognize her though, since shes changed so much. She takes this as an opportunity to get back at him for hurting her in high school but they end up falling in love.

thats all i remember. If anyone knows the title to this movie PLEASE let me know! Its been bothering me for sososo long.

Thanks in advance,


Val 10 days ago

There was a movie about a girls' reformatory where the inmates rioted or something and one girl slipped onto a chain link fence causing it to puncture her around the stomach area. I'd really like to know the name of that move. Around the 50s or 60s.

Sandnc 10 days ago

@Lauryn M

"Brewster's Millions"(1985)


Lauryn M 10 days ago

its about a guy who inherits money. but to inherit all of the money he can do a challenge where e has to spend like 30mill in somewhat amount of days and he can like gamble 5% of it.

Sandnc 11 days ago

@Stealth Man

Most of the links I found ask you to sign up for free to watch... I haven't signed up to see if they work, but here are a few links if you want to try....



Stealth Man 11 days ago


Please... do you have a link where i can watch it? (its *not in publication*) anymore and i have checked netflix/amazon/putlocker... everywhere (and i can't find it) (im in the UK)

Jared 11 days ago

I saw a movie back when I was a kid that really scared me, and I can't find info on it anywhere. I confused it with The Omen 2. From what I can remember it was a 70's, maybe 80's, horror-ish (Thriller-ish as well), movie about a family living in a building in an urban environment. I remember a little boy tormenting the family and basically killing all the children they had until he was down to the last one which was a little girl, and he succeeds in doing so by pushing her out of a window as she looking outside. The scene I have stuck in my head is of the father seeing her falling as he's walking home, and he runs to her to try to save her, but she hits the sidewalk before he could get to her. I also remember the daughter wearing a bright red outfit in this scene.

This was also the end of the movie. By this point the mother is f***ed up about having lost all of her children (I vaguely remember her blaming the father for not being able to keep them safe earlier in the film) and the father is too, with the movie basically ending with him holding his daughter. I really thought The Omen 2 ended this way (I watched these two films at the same time when I was a kid and I haven't seen either since) so I watched it a few minutes ago and... Well, it doesn't. I remember there being similar themes with these two movies. Would really appreciate it if you could help because I can't get my mind off of it.

Robin 11 days ago

looking for a movie where a guy is taking his dead grandfather on a trip. Driving on a motorcycle, and so on. i think it was his grandfather...

Sandnc 11 days ago

@Stealth Man

That was "Rag And Bone"(1998 TV Movie)


Stealth Man 11 days ago

Just had this movie title pop into my head (i hope its the right one) thisk its called *Bones* with Dean Cain and Robert Patrick (Robert Patrick is a ghost of a cop or something and he helps Dean Cain's character track down this murderur or something?) Cheers

Stealth Man 11 days ago

@ Mike:

That sounds a lot like *The Rock* with Nicholas Cage and Sean Conery

Sandnc 12 days ago

@Ashley Hill

"Th Last House On The Left"(2009)


Ashley Hill 12 days ago

Please help... I've been looking for this movie forever.

I'm looking for a movie that came out after 2000. Girl is a great swimmer who takes a friend way with her and her parents to her grandfathers house in the woods. Her parents tell her to be careful because there's a storm coming. They ride into town where they meet a boy and go back to his hotel to smoke. The boys uncle is a killer on the loose who was just rescued by his girl and brother I believe... on his way to be locked up. They kidnap the girls and up getting into a wreck in the woods. They rape the friend and kill her then rape the other girl. She escapes into the river but the guy shoots her in the water. They think she's dead but she's able to hold her breath for a long time. The guy and his friends stumble upon house and the people let them stay in the first house. They see pictures of the girl they shot realizing this is her parents home. The girl makes it to the house that same night trading on the for with the rocking chair. Her parents catch on that they were responsible for their daughter so they go head to head killing the killers and puts one of the mans hands down the garbage disposal.

Itsjustme 12 days ago


Try "Vertical Limit" there's a scene were they are scrabbling to keep a liquid explosive cold before it kills them all.

Itsjustme 12 days ago


You're welcome, glad to help. Thanks for letting me know it was the right movie.

Kade 12 days ago

@Itsjustme - Thank you, Informers is the right movie!

Sandnc 12 days ago


"In Your Eyes"(2014)


Claire 12 days ago

There's this film where a man and a woman can see out of each other's eyes, there's a sleding scene and the women gets committed by her husband but escapes

Mike 13 days ago

There was this movie I saw in the mid 2000's, I don't remember much of the plot but from what I could remember, there were these people who were trying to keep a container of something (a chemical or a toxin or something) cold, otherwise it would become unstable and kill them/other people (and I think it was by melting their flesh or something).

Any ideas?

An Thien Nguyen profile image

An Thien Nguyen 13 days ago

There was a movie I saw once but it was in Spanish so I didn't know the name. It was a Chinese movie set in ancient China. I think the name contained the word "emperor(s)". It was about this general in the army that gained control of three separate armies to fight against some witch/sorceress. In the end, you see him as very old, he mounts his horse, and charges at the enemy army with a guan dao. Majority of the movie you see lots of generals with different types of guan daos. The general at the end has 3 other generals under him, all of them armed with guan daos.

Itsjustme 2 weeks ago


I'm guessing here but I'm going to say your movie is "Informers". It came out in 2009 but was set I believe in the 80's.

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 2 weeks ago from Illinois

@hdayua ~ You're welcome!

Sandnc 2 weeks ago


You're welcome!

2 weeks ago

Oh! Thank you. You think that would've come up in my searching but no. I suppose that shouldn't have been a title so easily forgotten.

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