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"What's that movie with that guy that did that thing with that one girl? Oh, and it was set in high school back in the 80s?"

Have you ever asked someone a similar question? Well, I might need a little more information than that but I am pretty good at identifying movies. Lord knows I've seen my share of them and then some!

Harry Knowles of aintitcool.com.   Not me!!!
Harry Knowles of aintitcool.com. Not me!!!

I'm a Movie Geek!

With a library of at least a thousand movies and an incessant urge to perpetually expand my collection to infinite proportions, I am a certified movie geek!

So be my guest, utilize my useless knowledge and ask away. If I do not know the answer off the top of my head I will do my best to find the answer for you (or someone else might beat me to it by answering in the comments section ).

Just type your question in the comment box at the bottom of this page (NOT in the "Ask a Question" box on the right-hand side of page ). Sorry if it takes awhile for me to answer. I am not on the net 24/7. Your question could be answered in mere minutes or it may take a few days. Bookmark this page and keeping checking back.


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All In Good Fun

I know what you are thinking, "I'm on the Internet where all answers are just a mouse click away, so why in the hell do I need to ask Imadork about a movie?!?!"

You probably don't need to ask me, I just thought this would be a fun hub. Who knows though, maybe you are too lazy to search or don't know how to go about searching with the info you have. I don't care, I just enjoy movies and I find pleasure in helping people rid themselves of that frustrating feeling of the total lack of recall.

Go ahead, ask away! 


This hub has been quite popular lately. Due to the increase in questions and my own personal problems of late, I have been unable to keep up. A huge "Thank you" to all readers that have picked up the slack and answered open questions! Most notably Patrol the Skies, who seems to be an even greater movie geek than yours truly! Go check out his YouTube page here:


Although I'm not as active as in the past I am still around, so keep posting your questions! If I don't get to it, chances are someone else will. Check back periodically to see if your questions was answered.

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FYI (cuz I'm starting to develop a pet-peeve) - When posting a question, if you know about how old the movie is, please add that bit of info. Telling me that it came out when you were young does not help me when I don't know how old you are.

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MrE 13 hours ago


"Storm Of The Century"(1999)

You can watch the trailer here....


Actually, the whole two part movie is here.....


serdar 14 hours ago

can you help me with the name of the film

the movie is about a rich girl and a poor boy. the girl's dad is so rich that he invites a band to the girl's birthday. the boy is poor he steals a record of the same band from a shop. somehow the lives of them intersect and in some part of the movie they meet in cappadocia turkey. the movie was european or american.

thank you

Alencjo 16 hours ago

Demon came to church where were people. Every mother with baby had to pick a ball from his pouch. He had one black small ball and other were white. The mother who chosed black ball had to give him his baby. Then this mother and his housbend got divorced and years later they started to search for their son.

Damian 22 hours ago


Whats that movie(set in roughly 70's) where two battle it out with Piano's and one of them lights up a smoke with the piano chords

James 34 hours ago

Figured it out the movie I was thinking about is called "The Pest"

tt 2 days ago


James 2 days ago

What's the movie where guy starts out singing in shower (funny scene). Not Chinese but pretends to be Chinese to work in Chinese restaurant and gets hunted buy rich white guy with gay son who has a snake he carries around.

vii 2 days ago

hey can someone help me,

im looking for a movie about five to six girls.

I don't know the name but I remember a scene, where one of the friend that is lesbian shes black, takes her girlfriend to her friends house and got locked in the room and had to call her friend.

Also another scene, where the girl was meeting this guy, so she went to some place, and hooked up with him and there was a robbery that took place in between the movie. diamonds were also involved and in the end they came together and threw them away

I would really appreciate it if you guys could help me


MrE 2 days ago

@Isobel Spirit

You're welcome! Glad I could help!

Dorothy 2 days ago

Movie about someone going to ?France to find the same place that their parents had a picture made.

Isobel Spirit 2 days ago

Thank you MrE. I hope you see this. I had hoped to say thank you beside your reply but there doesn't appear to be that option! The ending was slightly diffeent from what I remembered but the farmer did say 'I dun prayed me for a scarecrow!' So thanks again.

MrE 3 days ago

Funny how you were able to post that answer. I tried posting it two times over an hour ago and they never showed up!

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 3 days ago from Illinois

@andi ~ Oops! It is a 1979 release, not from 1980.

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 3 days ago from Illinois

@andi ~ The Promise (1980) starring Kathleen Quinlan and Stephen Collins // From IMDb: Two college students~one from a rich background, the other from a poor one~decide to elope. They are involved in a serious car wreck, with the young girl's face severely injured. In order to get the necessary surgery, the mother of the young man offers a deal to the woman: Stay out of her son's life permanently and, in return, get the plastic surgery to restore her face. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0079756/

andi 3 days ago

Looking to find an old movie..I first saw it in the mid 80's, but think it was old then..so maybe from the 70's A rich guy is going to marry a girl, but his mother doesn't think the girl is good enough for him, so she pays off the girl to pretend she was killed in a car accident, and pays for her to have reconstructive surgery and move away. The couple had one of those matching necklaces that fit together, and they used to go to a rock, so one leaves their necklace under the rock. Years later they, of course, reconnect and fall in love, go back to the rock and match their necklaces back up. any idea???

IDarkside 3 days ago

DLearo profile image

DLearo 3 days ago

@ jadmf: Could it be Sleeping With The Enemy (1991)?

Julia Roberts' character, Laura, fakes her death off of a boat but at the end her husband Martin puts a boombox playing his favorite classical music in front of her door and then comes up behind her as she cries.


jadmf 4 days ago

i thought the name of this movie was living with my stalker but i cant find it so heres the description: a girlfriend wants to get away from her boyfriend and fakes her death by falling off a bridge into water. Years later the boyfriend comes to her house and stalks her- comes in it and turns on the shower and then puts a radio in front of the front door. Do you know this movie?

Missaye 4 days ago

I have very little to go on, here, but it's worth a shot. Main character is going to or getting out of jail and the cop doing inventory on his possessions is listing them out loud. His voice is monotone like everything is routine, but the items are extreme. I know for sure many were weapons, I'm pretty sure brass knuckles were included. I can't remember anything else about it, not even sure the main character was male.

Missaye 4 days ago

@Tink The movie you're looking for is "Dirty Work" with Norm McDonald.

Collin 5 days ago

@DLearo - Thanks for all the updated info!

Kim 6 days ago

What's the name of the movie the man kills his fiance at a long dinner table, i think he slits her throat, then he kills prostitutes and puts the body parts he likes on her then brings her back to life like Frankenstein. In the end she gets revenge by killing him and putting women's body parts on him and brings him back to life.

DLearo profile image

DLearo 6 days ago

@ Collin: I found a list of all film and television pertaining to Lizzie Borden on Wikipedia. I hope it helps. Cheers!

The Legend of Lizzie (1953), an episode of Suspense aired on 10 March 1953 starring Katharine Bard as Lizzie.

The Older Sister, an episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents, aired on 22 January 1956, presents the alternative theory that Lizzie (played by Carmen Matthews) covered for her older sister, Emma, the actual murderer.

Legend of Murder: The Untold Story of Lizzie Borden (1961), an episode of Armstrong Circle Theatre broadcast on 11 October 1961 starring Clarice Blackburn (who later starred on ABC-TV's Dark Shadows) as Lizzie.

The Legend of Lizzie Borden, a 1975 ABC film based on the case. It speculated that the title character (played by Elizabeth Montgomery) had committed the murders naked, thereby leaving no bloody clothing in evidence. Elizabeth Montgomery and Lizzie Borden were sixth cousins once removed, both descending from 17th-century Massachusetts resident John Luther. Rhonda McClure, the genealogist who documented the Montgomery-Borden connection, said, "I wonder how Elizabeth would have felt if she knew she was playing her own cousin." One of the gowns worn by Montgomery in the film is on display at the bed-and-breakfast that now occupies the Borden house.

Lizzie Borden (1976), an episode of Second Verdict broadcast on 24 June 1976 starring Rosemary Leach as Lizzie.

Friday the 13th: The Series (1987-1990) had an episode named "Wax Magic" with Lizzie Borden played by actress Susannah Hoffman.

Lizzie, a 2012 horror film where a distant decendent of Lizzie Borden is haunted by Lizzie's ghost.

Lizzie Borden Took an Ax, a U.S. television movie that premiered on Lifetime on January 25, 2014 with Christina Ricci in the title role.

The Lizzie Borden Chronicles, a limited series and sequel to the above TV movie that premiered on Lifetime on April 5, 2015 (with Ricci again playing Lizzie), which presents a fictional account of Lizzie's life after the trial.

MrE 7 days ago


You're welcome! Glad I could help!

Collin 7 days ago

What was the other movie about Lizzy Borden that came out in the past year or so? Not the most recent with Christina Ricci and not the one from 1975 with Elizabeth Montgomery either. I don't think it had Lizzy's name in the title. There was some bad B movie about her house or ghost, but that wasn't it either. I believe the one I'm looking for was about Lizzy herself and the murders she committed.

Collin 7 days ago

@MrE Thanks a lot. That was driving me crazy! lol

MrE 7 days ago


"I Spit On Your Grave 2"(2013)


You can watch the trailer here....


Collin 7 days ago

What was the name of that movie where a girl is doing a modeling photo shoot and the photographer and I think his friend shows up at her place and kidnap her? She finds herself in a dirt basement handcuffed to a pole or something and sold for sex to strangers. After escaping for a brief time she realizes she's in a foreign country half way around the world and someone who she didn't know was in on it takes her back at the house where they dig a hole and bury her in a big trunk under the dirt of that same basement. Then the trunk ends up falling through to an underground sewer that the bad guys had no idea was down there when they buried her. She finds her way to a staircase that leads to a church and the priest helps her with food, but doesn't know what's really going on. Then she takes revenge out on the bad guys one by one and kills them gruesomely.

alicia 8 days ago

there is a movie on lmn that just played this week and its about a little girl whos mother was on drugs and her dad was the sherriff her little girl was in the car seat when they rolled it into the lake not knowing the baby was in the car, a soldier who was in the forest when that happened rescued the baby and raised her, can't remember the name of the movie and no familiar actors but very good movie

Sean b 8 days ago

This is a commercial add I saw today could be new that's why I can't find it but does any recall a commercial with a talking owl with "yellow glasses on" standing on the back of a mini van talking to a guy in is driveway about something .. Trying to find it to use for a project... Not the did u know geico commercial w owls ... Anyone watching tv today ? Driving me nuts

MrE 8 days ago


The second movie is "A Walk In The Clouds"(1995)


You can watch the trailer here....


BC 8 days ago

Movie where a marine goes on leave because of a death and he falls in love with the woman across the street who he finds out has cancer at have been on lmn or hallmark? Not sure

Also a older movie where a woman and lady meet on a bus and she is pregnant and thinks her family will be mad so he goes ands acts as if they are engaged, her family owns a vineyard?

Geffers44 8 days ago

Hi, I'm trying to remember the name of a film from the 80's, think it was british, weird film but you had to spot numbers in the background of the scenes going up in order throughout the film, i never did spot them all so would be interested to watch it again after all these years, any ideas?? thanks

Itsjustme 9 days ago


I think the movie you're talking about is "Two Moon Junction".

samantha 9 days ago

Aww thank you sooo much

MrE 9 days ago

@Isobel Spirit

Funny, I just answered that for somebody a few days ago!

"Tales of Manhattan"(1942)


You can watch it here....


Isobel Spirit 9 days ago

I watched an old film in which a suit of clothes is passed on person to person and eventually it is thrown out of a plane and a farmer picks it up saying..I dun prayed me for a scarecrow. I wondered what the name of the film is please anyone? It must be the 1940s or thereabouts. Thank you.

Cousintotes 9 days ago


I believe that you are looking for Radio Flyer (1992)



Tom 9 days ago

All I can remember:

-From the VHS cover, looks like a romantic comedy.

-Likely made in the late 70s, the 80s, or early 90s.

-There is a zoom-in of a woman (knees to neck) in white lingerie.

-The tagline is something like "A bedtime story".

The image of that VHS cover is seared into my memory, and I would like to know what movie it is from. Sorry I don't have more info.

samantha 9 days ago

Two brothers one very young get beaten up by there mothers partner or Sept father cant remember what he was and the 2 brothers hide it from there mother, she is getting one of the brothers undressed for a bath and the oldest brother jumps in the bath fully dressed to stop there mither seeing the marks on his little brother. They build a like go-kart thing that can fly so they can get away from the man who is beating them up, I remember watching it back in the 80's

ricardo 10 days ago

What's the name of that movie where a guy is with this girl but then she leaves him and goes with another guy later on in the movie they are at the wedding and the guy she first liked is there watching them. But at the end of the movie they end up in a wooden place where i think they first met it's a sad movie

MrE 10 days ago


"Scent Of A Woman"(1992)


You can watch the trailer here....


Corky 10 days ago

What is the name of this movie. I can't remember details but it is about a male college student who I think was hired to watch an elderly uncle(?) not realated to him. I believe it was Thanksgiving time. Some of the story took place in New York riding in a limo, staying in a fancy hotel. Part of the story towards the end, the elderly man sent the college guy away so he could commit suicide at the hotel but the college guy figured it out and stopped him.

April 10 days ago

You're wonderful thank you. That has been driving me nuts for like 10 years

Becky 10 days ago

@MrE thank you very much, sir!

shemp 11 days ago

I'm trying to figure this one out for a friend. She thinks it's either Kevin Spacey or Edward Norton but even that may be wrong. In the movie, the guy pays a dancer at a strip club just to talk to him. He's infatuated with her. My friend thinks the actor (Spacey or Norton) drinks Absinthe while he's talking to the stripper. Any idea? Thanks in advance :)

MrE 11 days ago



You can watch the trailer here....


MrE 11 days ago




You can watch the trailer here....


Kerina 11 days ago

I've only seen the trailer, but it's the movie where people get transported to a cornfield for some reason to get shot? And theres a guy that shoots them. One day he himself gets transported there? So he supposed to shoot himself?

MrE 11 days ago


"Hot Shots! Part Deux"(1993)


You can watch that scene here....


Becky 11 days ago

I don't remember much about this movie. It might have been a parody of something, but a bunch of people are in a plane and they jump out yelling, "Geronimo". One of them was Native American and when he jumped he yelled, "me". Does anyone know what I am talking about? Thank you!

MrE 11 days ago


You're welcome!

MartusK 11 days ago

@MrE - Thanks! thats the one!

Amy 12 days ago

I'm looking for a kids movie (at least I think it was for kids) and was from the 80's or possibly the 90's where there are these kids that are forced to get money out of a tight space in some abandoned ruined buildings. One of the kid characters may have worn a feather in his hat. I also remember there may have been a lot of money floating down over the city or buildings at the end of the movie. It isn't goodies because I know that movie. I have been trying to find out what this movie has been called for so long. Hopefully you can help!

MrE 12 days ago


"Hollywood Steps Out"(1941)


You can watch some of it here....


MrE 12 days ago


"No One Lives"(2012)


You can watch the trailer here.....


Katherine 12 days ago

This question is about a cartoon (maybe more than one). I think it was from the 30s or 40s and all the characters were caricatures of famous movie stars. Humphrey Bogart asking for money (the opening scene from Treasure of the Sierra Madre). Clark Gable with gargantuan ears flapping in the wind. Groucho Marx, Marlene Dietrich, and a bunch of other great stars. Does anyone know the production company? Or the titles? I would love to own it. Thanks so much.

Jai 12 days ago

My boyfriend is trying to remember a movie he saw when he was a kid, he said its probably an 80's or early 90's movie where a family driving through the desert stop in a old wild west town and there aren't many people around and there are monsters that live in caves in the desert that come into town ans capture the siblings and put them in pods in the caves. anyone have any idea the name of this movie? It doesn't sound remotely familiar to me.

MartusK 12 days ago

I am looking for a movie I saw a few years ago (although probably not more than 3 or 4 years old). A gang (I think they might have been family) steal a car and kidnap a women. The moment they get her back to their cabin in the woods, she starts telling them they made a big mistake. Then the man she was with shows up and starts killing them one by one.

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 13 days ago from Illinois

Miles 13 days ago

I am looking for a movie that I haven't been able to ever find because I only saw part of it.

Ok so from my memory it was about a female prostitute (blonde?) who was the most popular and was into drugs. It might have been an international film and it may have been based on a true story.

If I remember correctly, she might die at the end from drugs or something.

Help!!! :) Thanks

April 13 days ago

There's a movie I saw part of when I was a kid that for the life of me I can not find the title of. It's an older movie. About a young boy who is racing against other people to find these game like pieces. In the movie he is to short to reach the pedals of a car and uses blocks, at some point he loses and eye, and he is being chased by on older guy. Its set in like a post apocalyptic desert world. I forgot what the game pieces are for but I think some rich guy set it all up for some big prize.

Jake 2 weeks ago

I saw this movie where a teen gets caught spray painting his school, and he gets sent to his cousins house as punishment and he is obsessed with the girl his brother dating. Also he thinks that the girl that likes him is his cousin.

Scott 2 weeks ago

I saw a movie where this guys farts in a car as he was getting out leaving a fart bomb and as he was talking about it to someone he was overheard and next thing you know the bomb squad was involved and when they opened the door they smelt a fart that had been there for hours what the heck was that movie please

Tink 2 weeks ago

In the movie these guys start a payback business. And in ine scene the put aniky fish through like a mob house, and in another the have an apartment buidinf condemned but it turns out to be the grandmothera house of the girl he liked.

Desiree' 2 weeks ago

I need to know the name of a film I saw where the story line was a male teacher who tries to help his teenage male student (and other students). But the scene I remember is the boy gets a beating from his father or step father for drawing a (beautiful) mural on his wall in the house. The teacher takes the boy in. I think it was made in the 2000's but it could have been from the 90's. But definitely no earlier than the 90's. I thought the teacher was played by John Cusak but I don't see it in his movie list.

Evie73 2 weeks ago


Date Movie?

MrE 2 weeks ago


You're welcome! Glad I could help!

JudyTrudy 2 weeks ago


Yes that's it. You've ended 15 years of searching. Thank you so much.

laura 2 weeks ago

im looking for a movie about a boy and girl who find a recorder in the attic and it like talks to the dead or lets the dead talk to you. he meets the girl in the woods behind his house. the movie starts with an old man listening to the tape recorder and i think hes talking to his wife, i cant really remember. please help?????

susan 2 weeks ago

A young Jewish man wife dies giving birth the family tells him he must marry someone to take care of him and the child I think it was the younger sister it was a foreign film

MrE 2 weeks ago

@Judy Trudy

"Across The Line"(2000)


You can watch the trailer here....


JudyTrudy 2 weeks ago

I saw this movies in the late 90s or early 2000 could be an 80s flick. I remember certain scenes. I have searched everywhere but no one knows this movie. It might not be a Hollywood production. It's not foreign because it had American actors.

A cop who is the sherriff somewhere in Texas in a border town. A girl from Mexico who crosses the dessert on her way to America. I remember she is alone in the dessert and comes across this camper. There may have been old people there that offered her a ride. she decides to spend the night. In the morning her sleep gets interrupted by shouting. She hides in the camper. She witnesses two people getting muredered. she sees the bad guys faces. They ride off. she ventures into this town and gets a job as a waitress. Everyone is looking for the murderers.

the first day on the job the cop comes to the resteraount he sees her and thinks she is pretty. He asks her boss if she'd let the Mexican girl serve his table. She is nervouse and spills coffee all over him. I don't remember anymore Except that those two somehow end up together. The bad guy that killed those people ends up being somehow related to the cop. That's all I remember. The very last scene is of the two love birds driving along an empty road. He tries to shrug out of his coat so she has to hold the wheel and steer. That's all I remember. Please Help. I did not dream this movie up. It is driving me crazy. The memories are blurry. The bad guy may or may not have been the brother to the cop.

MrE 2 weeks ago




01:33:24 -What are you doing here? -You die, I die.

01:33:33 ohh....okay guys come on. Lets go, seriously.

01:33:36 You can do that later.

ryan 2 weeks ago

"what are you doing here?"

"if you die, I die."

"can we do this later guys?"

GJA 2 weeks ago

OK, this may be an easy one, but here goes.

In the gendre of American Graffiti, a movie about the 50-60's car culture and in 1 particular scene they are shooting an interior of a car and I think it has an 8-track that plays "California Dreaming". The car was a special effort for one of the characters and the actors in the scene played it as a very poignant moment as they knew life was changing for them, irreversibly.

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 2 weeks ago from Illinois

@Beverly Guzman ~ Did you check the 1967 version of "The Perils of Pauline"? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Perils_of_Paulin...

Beverly Guzman 2 weeks ago

I'm trying to find a comedy movie from the mid 1960s about two kids raised in an orphanage who go their separate ways and spend the rest of the movie trying to find eachother with many near misses and close calls and almost running into eachother like in a revolving door. I thought it was " the perils of Pauline" but that comes up empty.

bobbuttons 2 weeks ago

This film.is from the late 80s or early 90s. All in remember is a blonde lady coming home and rearranging a blue plastercine octopus ornament in her hallway. Did think it was Roxanne but it isn't! Any ideas?

confused32 2 weeks ago

An Asian movie i saw a few years ago. Bout a girl who is suppose to marry someone and become princess but she doesn't want to, on the way to his castle or w/e she runs into someone and they fall in love. He follows her of course but the king won't let him get near her. So he joins the military to be her body guard. I remember one scene the girl and her husband are having sex and the main character has to listen cause he's the body guard so he gets angry and leaves. When he does a woman comes in to try an assassinate the king but she fails and the main guy gets in trouble for it happening. Then another scene one of my favorites. The empire is about to be invaded by an army so they send the main character out to stop the army and him alone goes out and fights a bunch of people. The commander, embarrassed, retreats his army. then at the end of the movie a bunch of assassins come and try to kill the princess and the main guy and another person who he use to be enemies with fights the assassins. He has to retreat and he finds the girl, he gets shot a bunch of times and i remember him putting swords in his legs to keep him self standing. Hope this was enough information.

Itsjustme 2 weeks ago


I'm not 100% sure but I think your movie is "The Others" with Nichole Kidman

meggalady81 2 weeks ago


I'm looking for a movie that might have came out in the early 80's. It was about a lady who live with her family in the country western (I think). One day some ppl came pass, destroyed her town and killed her whole family. They thought they killed her too but somehow she survive the terrible abuse. ((idk where or how she got the strength)) but she transformed into this woman warrior type female and went and seeked revenge on all those who kill & tear her life apart. I can't recall this movie and I been looking for it for years.

If you can help I would soo appreciate it, but if not, that's ok as well. I know I was about 5yrs old watching this and falling in serious like of it.

Rhys Goodman profile image

Rhys Goodman 2 weeks ago

ok so this one might be a little tough , there is a movie along the same line as a new movie coming out soon called "sicario" , the movie im trying to remember is similar to sicario , the only thing i really remember is the main person is female she has short blondish hair and is part of a small tactical group oF possibly DEA

shirley6 2 weeks ago

I saw a movie in the 90's (I was only a child). The movie could be from the 80's I think. I tried to find it on the the Google. But hard to find with no title or name of actors. Maybe someone can help me.

This is what I think and remember:

American thriller


Abused child/children

With a shower too. Too cold or hot.

She had a wig or dark brown hair

She makes me think of Ulma Thurman from Pulp Fiction.

on the end of the movie she's be-headed with smile on her face

Casi 2 weeks ago

horror genre. 2004-2013.nice house there's a barn or a horse stable in the film and a lake. man women and a child at sum point the child comes in towards the end I think. the cupple see strange things going on in the house like ghost with strange faces eventually we find out the ghosts are actually the living and the strange faces are special masks to see paranormal activity and there's a medium a psychic women who's telling or showing the couple who finds out there dead how they died and don't want to believe it because the wife killed her child in the lake. the end shows the paranormal group and the family walking off into the sun as a family.

Tank 2 weeks ago

Looking for the name of a European film, possibly from the 90s. The main character is lonely lady florist. Early on in the film, after a solo night out she claims to the taxi driver she has no money and the driver accepts sex for payment. The lady happens to meet a younger man who may be gay and/or a crossdresser. The two become friends and in one scene he teaches her to swin at a public pool. I think they end up sleeping together. Please help!

Kimra 2 weeks ago

What was the movie from about the 80's where a girl was abused by her father and in one scene he put her in a bucket and lowered her down into a well and dumped snakes on her? If anyone knows please email me at kimhinesvoinea@yahoo.com Thanks

MystMoonstruck profile image

MystMoonstruck 2 weeks ago from Illinois

@lynlemon ~ I keep film journals, but I'm thinking of putting them in order by transferring them to cards in a file~if I can find a long file box. As sure as I made lists on a computer, the motherboard went out; all that work was lost. So, I'd rather have it in writing for fast reference. I've been keeping track for about five years but should have started at least in my teens as my film buffdom grew. Wow! Would I have a collection of movie information!

Salharvey 2 weeks ago

A wealthy white explorer in Africa finds another white man living among the 'natives'. This resident asks the explorer to read books to him. When the explorer wants to leave, the resident prevents it by drugging him and concealing him when a search party arrives.

He tells the search party that the explorer is dead, and presents the explorer's watch as proof, so that he may be read to by the explorer.

Itsjustme 2 weeks ago


Your movie is "Deliver Us From Evil"

Momo 2 weeks ago

I remember watching this film in 2003/4 when I was young(er), it's an alice in wonderland style film. I remember it's an animated movie, a young girl with brown hair, and instead of a rabbit hole and a cat, she follows her dog through a tv, but still ends up in a wonderland kind of place. It's been driving me insane, because I've grown up to have a deep obsession with all things alice in wonderland, but I've never come across it again, help is much appreciated :)

sarahg 3 weeks ago

Movie where a cop has a talent of finding bad guys , ends ups tracking a demon, its actually a scary movie, don't think it's more than 3 years old. I remember his partner getting killed I'm a stairwell by the demon.

lynlemon profile image

lynlemon 3 weeks ago

@MystMoonstruck - I know Dora hasn't answered yet, but I believe you are on point with that one. 'Sins of the Mind' was actually one of the movies that got me started with tracking movies I had seen, since I remembered it but for the life of me couldn't remember what it was called. When I finally found it on IMDB it was like finding the holy grail. Now I keep detailed lists there...wish I would have started tracking all my movies decades ago.

You rock, btw :)

Jose 3 weeks ago

Okay, this might be long so please bear with me.

What I can recall from the movie I'm trying to remember:

It's an old movie, probably early 90's, and it was a VHS tape. The movie is more of a visual type thing, it's made to make you think, involving all sorts of strange scenarios. One example that I can think of from it involves buffalo painting in a cave, the paining comes to life and begins to move along the cave walls. There's ominous music playing, and from seemingly out of nowhere, a painting of a spear is thrown at the buffalo, killing it. Another scene I can think of shows some Toucans with top hats dancing to some Jazz music (I know, this sounds like a weird as f*ck movie but I assure you, it's real).

In the movie there's a robot with like a Rayman thing going on, in where the lower half of its body is one drill instead of legs, no neck, floating head, and can fly. There's also a scene with a giant compass (the metal thing with a pencil) is being used on its own.

Sone guy is singing something while that's happening, and what I can vaguely recall is "ever see the world go round".

The ending to it shows a man, a woman, and (for some reason) a lion, and they're all made out of this chrome looking liquid of a mixture of pink, blue, and gray colors.

I wish I could recall more, but this was a movie I saw as a kid and can't remember much, but what did stick to me is what I described up at the top.

Again I assure you it is real and, yes, this is a VERY strange sounding movie, but a part of me really wants to know the name of the movie, and it's killing me to find out.

If anybody out there knows what it's called, I would greatly appreciate it.

So far, no one has been able to find out what the name of this movie is, as I feel it might be too obscure, so it wouldn't surprise me if no one knew what the hell I was talking about.

Marshall 3 weeks ago

I saw this movie when I was about 13 at a friends house, and I can't figure out what it is. It's about the samurai type person who is tasked with carrying a coffin to a portal, and it turns out that the coffin has a demon inside of it, and when he goes to fight the demons he pulls a rocket launcher out of nowhere off screen. Also the entire time he is hungry, and each time he sits down to eat he is interrupted. I know it's not much to go on but it's all I remember, and I must know the name of it!

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