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"What's that movie with that guy that did that thing with that one girl? Oh, and it was set in high school back in the 80s?"

Have you ever asked someone a similar question? Well, I might need a little more information than that but I am pretty good at identifying movies. Lord knows I've seen my share of them and then some!

Harry Knowles of   Not me!!!
Harry Knowles of Not me!!!

I'm a Movie Geek!

With a library of at least a thousand movies and an incessant urge to perpetually expand my collection to infinite proportions, I am a certified movie geek!

So be my guest, utilize my useless knowledge and ask away. If I do not know the answer off the top of my head I will do my best to find the answer for you (or someone else might beat me to it by answering in the comments section ).

Just type your question in the comment box at the bottom of this page (NOT in the "Ask a Question" box on the right-hand side of page ). Sorry if it takes awhile for me to answer. I am not on the net 24/7. Your question could be answered in mere minutes or it may take a few days. Bookmark this page and keeping checking back.


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Also, click on your search engine's "Search Tools" or "Advanced Search" button.  There you can filters to narrow down your search.

All In Good Fun

I know what you are thinking, "I'm on the Internet where all answers are just a mouse click away, so why in the hell do I need to ask Imadork about a movie?!?!"

You probably don't need to ask me, I just thought this would be a fun hub. Who knows though, maybe you are too lazy to search or don't know how to go about searching with the info you have. I don't care, I just enjoy movies and I find pleasure in helping people rid themselves of that frustrating feeling of the total lack of recall.

Go ahead, ask away! 


This hub has been quite popular lately. Due to the increase in questions and my own personal problems of late, I have been unable to keep up. A huge "Thank you" to all readers that have picked up the slack and answered open questions! Most notably Patrol the Skies, who seems to be an even greater movie geek than yours truly! Go check out his YouTube page here:

Although I'm not as active as in the past I am still around, so keep posting your questions! If I don't get to it, chances are someone else will. Check back periodically to see if your questions was answered.

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Scroll through other people's questions. If you know it, answer it. Just make sure you specify the name of the questioner to eliminate confusion.

If you post a question but then find the answer on your own later, please come back and tell me. That will save me from wasting time searching for your movie.

FYI (cuz I'm starting to develop a pet-peeve) - When posting a question, if you know about how old the movie is, please add that bit of info. Telling me that it came out when you were young does not help me when I don't know how old you are.

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People are still trying to ask their questions using the box below my picture and contact information despite the many mentions within this page not to. So I'll add another one.



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Yuna 7 minutes ago

Hi ! I am looking for a movie that deals with a group of teenagers who went into the woods , I have forgotten why they are in the forest. They get into a house and ........ ( I do not remember much ), but homeowners have a very bad face. Homeowner killed teenagers one by one with an ax and eating their flesh. And in the story there is a bell tower and I think teenagers want go to the tower to ask for help but is blocked by homeowner. I hope you can help me

Saucy 2 hours ago

This Movies About A Couple Who Is About To Go On A Vacation But Gets A Call And Recieves News That The Womans Friend Had Died And In The Will She Wanted Her Kids To BE left With This Couple And To Be Raised By Them. That's All I Know. Title Anybody??

angelika 2 hours ago

Thank you Maria but the movie I want to find isn't Practical Magic .:)

Hello everyone!

I saw this movie many years ago 90's I think. The movie is romance-fantasy.

I remember the scene when a woman see a mans portrait but in the portrait are the eyes only because she can't remember him. I'm also remember in the end of the movie the man who loved the woman fights for her and the portrait appears his face. She don't have sisters I don't think is know movie like Practical Magic. I hope to help you my memories. Thanks for your try again all of you. I am looking for this movie 12 years I am only see ones on TV.

Gabby 4 hours ago

Hi I'm gabby I was recently watching the last mimzi. The movie I thought of was one where there are 2 kids they have powers and are taken to this his house and he gives ten anything they want with like this cool ice cream room and cool toy room with moving toys and stuff. They found out the guy was bad so they tried to escape. But he wouldn't let them, in the end they escaped on a horse she could like talk to or something.

Steph 5 hours ago

There was this movie late 80s/early 90s, either a made for TV movie or a lifetime movie. About a couple going thru nasty custody battle, can't remember much but at end of movie the mother is trying to kidnap the kids dad's on the tail and the mom blows up the car with her and the two kids in it. Anyone remember this movie, maybe even just who was in it if not the name?

Pete 5 hours ago

Trying to think of a drama where a young couple moves into an old second story Victorian style building despite their parents wishes. I think the girlfriend ends up getting cancer and the only real standout thing I can remember is that I think the guy wears a corduroy jacket a lot?

Double Feature 5 hours ago

@josh - CORRECTION - please forgive me I just remembered there was no bus scene in Fortress. Actually the film in which you are referring to is called They've Taken Our Children The Chowchilla Kidnapping which was based on a true story in 1972 but the film came out in 1976. Hope that helps.

Tom 5 hours ago

A group of people go camping, another group comes along and tells them they can not camp there, because they were there first. They wake up in the morning to find all of them dead, and upon watching film from their video camera, they find that they were the ones that killed them.

Double Feature 5 hours ago

@josh the movie you are looking for is called Fortress starring Rachael Ward. Not to be confused with Fortress starring Christopher Lambert. Classic film really one of my faves from the past. That creepy duck and Santa Claus mask gave me nightmares.

paul Griffin 5 hours ago

Ok this has been bugging me for awhile here we go. As a kid this movie was one of my favorite its about a red headed Australian guy with crazy. He was traveling around Australian country in search of something cant remember. It was a comedy its from possibly 90's thats all I got 2nd one is about a younge boy that has a imaginary friend thats kind of a troll type creature the boy is playing baseball and the imaginary friend with powers knocks the ball out of the park for him. And the boy is playing video games and the friend enters the game for fun..thats all I got hope you can help!

nate 6 hours ago

trying to remember a movie about a man that designs a custom home that ends up falling in love with him and the house tries to kill his wife out of jealousy.

Valerie 6 hours ago

I'm searching for the name of a movie from the 1950s or 1960s that is about a married women that has an affair with a man I think that is on leave from the Navy, her husband is gone for a while....anyway one of them bought a wooden puzzle game that is missing a piece I think a heart ends up she wants to end the affair and he is accidentally shot she thinks he's dead but it ends up he is not and shows up with amnesia,...I cannot remember the actors but woman looked like Lana Turner or Kim Novak but wasn't either of them. Thanks for your help in advance!

Linda55 7 hours ago

I'm looking for a western movie where a indian kidnapped a white woman with red hair while she is pregnant along with her blond hair son. Then he lets her go after she has the baby and keeps the the end the indian brings the kids back to her. What is this movie?

Romeo 7 hours ago

I don't remember the rest of the movie but I know it involves two high school girls becoming friends; one good girl from good home the other a bad girl (maybe) orphan. They become unlikely friends and there is a scene where the girls are in caves on a canoe of some sort and she reached girl how to use the mirror as a reflection in the sun.

It turned out that one of the girls gets kidnapped and she uses the mirror reflection trick and thats how she is saved...

I remember loving the movie whatever else it was about i cannot remember i was younger. It would have been a 90s flick maybe late 80s...

Josh 7 hours ago

@ Sandy

The link you provided is the Vanished Without a Trace which is not the one I'm looking for. Weird how the description fits so close to my memory, yet when I watched it, it is not at all what I remember. The movie I saw had the kids spending a large amount of time (weeks or months) struggling to survive in the wilderness until they end up turning savage, something like a Lord of the Flies theme, but it was in color and it involved some sort of cave or big hole in the ground and I think bus crash was the way they got stuck out there and I thought bad guys that they somehow out-smart and kill I think. Ugh! lol

Sandy 7 hours ago



I'm not sure if this is the movie you've already checked out or not, but

I thought it might be the one you're looking for. Hope it helps!

Connie Beall 8 hours ago

I watched a movie in the early 80's about a couple who were college students and after being expelled from school, he was drafted and sent to Vietnam. She was later told he had been killed. At the end of the movie she found out he had lived and was a double amputee. A wonderful love story. I would love to know the name of this movie

Hi 8 hours ago

Hi what's this movie about trolls wanting to take over the world someway and then want to kidnapp this dad and his 2 daughters and the trolls have slaves that is all I know about the movie

tom 8 hours ago

There is a film from the fifties or sixties (color) in which a killer kidnaps a girl/young woman and there is police search for them. In a moment of sympathy and kindness between the victim and the kidnapper, who haven't eaten while on the run and are both hungry, she produces boiled eggs out of her pocket and tells him carrying oiled eggs is a habit since her childhood when her mother would send her on her walk to school with a freshly boiled egg in each pocket. The eggs kept her hands warm on the walk to school and she could eat the eggs later for breakfast or lunch. This is not the Natalie Wood movie A Cry in the Night. I saw this movie on late night tv years ago when I was a kid and have always wanted to see it again.

Josh 8 hours ago

Hi, I watched a movie as a kid, so it had to be a movie in the 80's or 90's in which all I can remember is something about a school bus with a bunch of kids gets hijacked, but then something goes wrong and the bus crashes I think and all these kids end up having to figure out how to survive outside and end up in some kind of cave or hole in the ground and they turn out becoming really savage and possibly killing their kidnappers and/or each other. That is to the best of my memory. Thanks. P.S. I found the movie Vanished Without a Trace, but it is not what I remember. :(

Sandy 8 hours ago


Maybe "Brotherhood of the Wolf"(2001)

Walter 8 hours ago


Your movie is "Mad Max" the prequel to "The Road Warrior" and the lead is played by Mel Gibson.

val 9 hours ago

theres this movie i seen before of girl getting off the phone in her room and then starts to talk to her stuffed animal and then she starts screaming "bad bunny" as she gets sexual with it...this is an older movie probably 1980s or 1990s whats the title?

Loretta 9 hours ago

Okay, this movie is from the mid to late '80's. I think the lead actor is Rutger Hauer. There's a scene at the end where he handcuffs a bad guy to the handle of a car and gives him a knife or something. He tells him there's a bomb or whatever and he can save himself if he cuts off his hand or he can just blow up. Don't remember the name of the movie.

Rob 9 hours ago

I am looking for a film I saw some years back. It was set France I believe, where the area was beset by animal attacks that were being blamed on a wolf, of perhaps a werewolf, but in the end it was discovered to be a captured and trained lion made to look like a giant wolf.

Christine 10 hours ago

Hi, I am trying to find out the name a movie: Plot: A patient driving a nice car,comes into a dental office and leaves after receiving a lot of expensive dental work. The front office lady asks him for payment. And once again he has every excuse not to pay. I left my wallet at home, I don't use credit cards, I didn't bring my ck book, etc. So the dds goes out to the parking lot and starts taking out all the work that was just done. After that the front office lady and the dds leave on some weird quest. The movie was kind of stinky, but, still I would like to know? Any clue? Thanks

maria 10 hours ago


your movie might be Practical Magic with Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman...Love that movie.

maria 10 hours ago


thank you so much. Yes thats the movie...I remembered that it had the name something like Dawn...kept looking for it like crazy...definitely too many Dawns in google :D

Aeisha 10 hours ago

Hi all,

So the movie I'm thinking of is about an old lady who hires a detective to rid the house of her adult children's ghost whom she killed. It looks like the movie may be set in the 1930-1950

RHONDA 11 hours ago

Very old ?fantasy-type vintage movie and I can't remember if it was black/white or in color but man

falls in love with daughter of a person of wealth and wealthy father does not approve of him. in some part of the movie there is a rose in the snow and it withers because it has been touched. I love this movie and it's got to be at least 40-50 years old or more!


angelika 12 hours ago

Hello everyone, I am looking for a romance-fantasy movie, I think 90's or newer ,I remember the plot a girl see a man in her dreams but somehow she must forgive him and when she grow up she only have a portrait with his eyes. And this movie has witches. Can you help me ?

Josh 12 hours ago

Hey! There was a movie that was about a woman who lived in a very sheltered religious community, and then finds out from her husband (who is dying in a hospital of cancer or something similar) that he cheated on her and had a son with another woman. The film chronicles her search for, and discovery of her (adult) stepson, and the adventures and chaos that result as she immerses herself in his lifestyle. I cannot, for the life of me, find the name of this film anywhere.

Sandy 13 hours ago


Maybe "My Dog Skip"(2000)

' When Willie leaves to go to Oxford University in the United Kingdom, Skip remains with Willie's parents, sleeping in Willie's old room...'

jerry 13 hours ago

MOVIE ABOUT A BOY THAT HAD A JACk russel terrier dog and than went away to college

courtney 14 hours ago

@Dilara your movie is milk money

Laura 15 hours ago

@MeLisa, I think you might be talking about either

Sarah's Key or The boy in the striped pijamas. Maybe?

Laura 16 hours ago

I'm looking for that horror movie where there is an evil girl and then the protagonist runs away, and gets into this car, which the boy in the car turns out to be the serial killer. I don't remember much more, I watched it a while ago.

Dilara 16 hours ago


I watched this movie when I was a little girl.

This little boy found this really attractive woman,

I don't know if he wished for her or something she just kind of appeared. She somehow ended up staying with him and his dad. He took her to class one day to present a sexual topic or maybe the anatomy of a woman and I remember him drawing the tubes and stuff on the woman's body or shirt.

Ron 16 hours ago

Looking for a movie that begins with an actor pulls up to a house in a pick-up and does a seal coating job. It starts to rain and the seal coat washes away. It's part of his scam.

DeadEwok 17 hours ago

@Lizza, "What's Love Got to do with It", the story of Tina Turner.

Alexis 17 hours ago

a movie where a black around 12 yrs boy is in a airport and plays a game with a man where you have to find the letter K

MeLisA 17 hours ago

Hello, I was hoping if someone could help me find this movie..

During the war a jewish girl and her younger brother and sister (I think) (or it was 2 younger sisters) were running away to find a safe place to hide..

Somewhere in the bushes they meet a boy (nazi) who helps them to find their way, because they say there are lost.. though he doesn't know that they re jewish.. and they don't know either

I think later the oldest sister falls in love with that boy..

That's all I can remember, I hope it's enough for someone to recognize the movie , thanks a lot in advance

Hoberilius 17 hours ago

When I was a kid I watched a movie where a man sails to an island and finds theses natives and then it gets blurry but I can remember at the end the man takes a woman and possibly a child off the island and by doing this they have to climb some sort of cliff, they get up fine but then an older man wants to go with them but as he's climbing the cliff these little animals grab and kill him. That's all I can remember please help me!

Kannan 18 hours ago


I am not sure weather its a movie or tv series, it starts with a guy's first day in his college. He goes to the college early morning and sleep there dreaming. In his dreams he get tortured by somebody. After he wakes up he get out from college and get killed in a road accident in front of the college. And the collage supposed to start next day only. The guy came there one day early..

Lizza 20 hours ago

Hi, there's a film I can't remember, it's based in a true story, a singer.

She has a violent relationship and when she finally has enough courage to divorce him and start her career the only thing she says in court is 'you can take everything but my name' can somebody help me? Thanks.

Lou 20 hours ago


I was wondering you could help me.

I remember this show it was sort off a spoof of X factor,

It started with a show like that, two if the judges decide to have a divorce and they half everything in the home.

I also remember in the show there's a male competitor being extremely stalked by a fan.

I hope I gave enough information and I hope somebody can help me, thanks!

Marisa 21 hours ago

@sandy wow! Thank you so much!!

jimy 22 hours ago

i saw this movie on my plane ride to shanghai. i forgot which year but it was either 2012 or 2013. it was a chinese movie with subtitles and it was a comedy/drama/action. it starred a common street thief from ningbo and he would always being doing criminal low life thug things to make it by. but he was good at heart and ended up becoming the hero of the movie. this movie takes place in somewhere in china and during a period where the japanese were invading and taking over. there is a revolutionary party and it included the famous actors and actresses of that period. their plan was to destroy the gold that was being dealt to the japanese that way weapons could not be sold or used by them. the star falls in love with the bankers daughter which he was supposed to play in order to succeed in his mission, and she ends up getting killed by the evil japanese leader. in the end the mission is a success but he is heart broken because of her death, he plants a rose in a dirt pot in the top of a bell tower and a tear falls into it. the rose turns to silver or steel, also that was from the earlier moment where he grabbed a bunch of silverware from a party that the banker threw for the corrupt japanese. he stole a bunch of forks and when caught he twisted them and made a metal rose.

Vinnie 24 hours ago

@Amy - it might be "The Others" with Nicole Kidman

Vinnie 24 hours ago

@ farrah the movie is Don't Tell Her It's me with Steve Guttenberg and Shelly Long

mariana 25 hours ago


The Others

mariana 25 hours ago

Hi, what's the name of that old movie about a teenage girl who travels back in time or to planet earth (can't remember which one) to save her sister from this villain who has escaped and kidnaped her. The girl befriends two kids who help her and she saves her sister.

She has healing powers too..

Leah Tackett 25 hours ago


I think this is the movie you're looking for;

I saw it just now! Hope it helped :)

Kell 27 hours ago


I'm trying to find a movie that I saw a long time ago and I thought I remebered one of the actors but turns out none of the movies she'd made sounds like what I'm looking for.

I don't remember the beginning but at some point there is a woman who I think got dumped by her husband and ends up at a health retreat in the woods. In one scene she walks into one of the cabins and finds another woman who ends up being an out of work famous actress (who I thought was a blonde Bette Midler). From what I remember they end up sitting on the couch getting high together. Another scene is the next morning there are lots of women doing yoga by the lake and the actress comes down late all bright and bubbly, the women then pick up canoes and put them over their heads and take them down to the lake.

I'm sorry that's all I remember but it's been driving me crazy because I can't seem to find the movie. Please help me :)

Double Feature 27 hours ago

@Jacob the movie is The Five People You Meet In Heaven (2004) starring John Voight

Alyssa C 27 hours ago

Netflix drama about am estranged uncle who reconnects with his brother and his wife and their kids. The uncle seems to be troubled, maybe on drugs. The brother (dad) is a workaholic and is rarely, therefore leaving the wife (mother) unhappy. Turns out, the estranged uncle and the wife have previous romantic history and rekindle that throughout the movie. I remember a specific part where the uncle goes to the nephew's school because he asks him too and gets into a fight with a teacher I think. The uncle ends up dying at the end because he is sick but kept it a secret. My email is Please let me know asap

Leah Tackett 28 hours ago

I don't remember much of it, but I remembered I saw it on netflix, I think, but I've checked all over netflix for it. It's not a well known movie, but it has something to do with a girl that teaches a man how to flirt or something, and I think she gives him a makeover. The man loves photography, and especially of the nature. I remember a scene where this girl works in this cafè sort of place, and another woman with black hair also works there. And another scene is when this man takes this girl with him in the crack of dawn or dusk to take pictures of the sunset. I really have no idea what's this movie is called, can someone please help? And I'm sorry, but thats all i remember from the movie.

Jason 28 hours ago

Looking for the name of the movie with the teacher (substitute?) who is a killer and there's a paintball game near the end

Jacob 28 hours ago

I remember watching a movie a few years ago. It begins with an old man who works at this fairground who dies trying to rescue a little girl from a roller coaster I think. Throughout the rest of the movie, he goes back into his memories and re-experiences significant parts of his life. I remember one featured an exotic man who was blue, another was when he was a soldier in Vietnam or something, and another was with some woman. When he was in Vietnam or something, he had to burn down a house with some people still inside, but he still tried to rescue them.

This was a few years ago, so I only remember the above. Anyone know it?

Rami 29 hours ago

Hey, there was this movie I saw, and all I can recall is:

There is 1 person being chased by another person in what appears to be a white room with a door/opening in the middle of one of the walls, only to get through it is to climb a ladder. Every time the person clubs he gets into an identical room, where he can see the same guy chasing what appears to be another version of the victim. It's like an infinite loop where he can't get away, and if he runs fast, he will catch up to the person catching anther version of him in the front. (I know it's trippy). It's like infinite rooms each with a version of the chaser and victim.

valarie 29 hours ago

@natalie alfaro maybe drive me crazy??

Natalie Alfaro 29 hours ago


I watched a movie a while back of a guy and girl living next to each other their whole life and at the end they end up kissing but their parents end up kissing as well so basically their parents are together and the kids are together ANYONE PLEASE HELP IM BEGGING

Bruce 29 hours ago

Saw a movie on netflix over a year ago about a party and the intertwined events that led to a death with a car where everyone parked for the party.

Dorian 30 hours ago

@Christina You are thinking of the Collection, sequal to the Collector.

Sandy 30 hours ago

Eva 30 hours ago

I remember seeing an ad in the past year (or two) about a movie where an escaped felon breaks into a woman's home and holds her hostage. They end up falling in love and making pie (I believe it was apple pie) together.

Help! I can't stand the wondering!!! :-)

GiGi 30 hours ago

I am looking for a movie that is a thriller. It was made quite a while ago. I would say early 90's. A girl kills her best friend's parents in order for her friend to come live with her. Through the whole movie it appears that the victim is actually the one doing bad things...but the twist is that it was her seemingly normal friend.

Wanona 30 hours ago

Samuel Jackson played a policeman in this movie where he loses a picture of a girl in his neighborhood and he is tied up in a house

Sandy 30 hours ago


It sounds like "Pet Shop"(1994)

Jerry 31 hours ago

what is the name of the movie where at the end the widowed

father is consoling his son whom has last his wife and tells him that she can live in him and what do you think i have been doing all this time

Marisa 31 hours ago


I remember seeing a movie when I was little, late 90s probably, no later than 2002, I think it was on HBO family, where a girl and her older brother have to move with their parents because they're in the witness protection program, and the girl meets a guy at a pet store and they become friends and then at the pet store little gremlin things start growing or something like that? And I remember one scene where the girl tells her brother to come to her friend's house saying that he has a hot older sister that he can hang out with and shows him a picture of her but when he gets there she's actually like really ugly and won't leave him alone so he freaks out and says to his sister that they have to leave and makes up an excuse that she has to go get her braces fixed or something and she says 'what are you talking about I don't even wear braces'

That's as much as I can remember.

Anybody know it?

BW1976 31 hours ago

I have a vague notion of a scene from a movie. It's outside at an event, something where you have to be somebody to attend. Folks are sitting in lawn chairs. Something goes awry; things are getting blown up or shot or something. There are people hiding behind part of the stage or something fighting back?

David 32 hours ago


That movie might be Daybreak (1993) with Cuba Gooding Jr playing the role of Torch.

Cindi Kieke 32 hours ago

@ Brandon right, no, I remember seeing the movie on late night tv , back in the late 70's . The young girl was handicapped I believe .... I only saw it that one time ... And it's driving me crazy but I will check out hound dog and see ...

Cindi Kieke 32 hours ago

@ Brandon right, no, I remember seeing the movie on late night tv , back in the late 70's . The young girl was handicapped I believe .... I only saw it that one time ... And it's driving me crazy but I will check out hound dog and see ...

Josh 32 hours ago

@walter,you're right! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Annie 32 hours ago

In this movie , the youngest son is drafted. The mother is in denial and refused to acknowledge this... As she is jogging she sees her sons bus leaving, headed towards war. She runs in unison with the bus until it stops and she hugs her son and says goodbye

Walter 32 hours ago

@ Josh Your movie is "True Romance" starring Cristian Slater and Patricia Arquette.

Alan g 33 hours ago

Please some one help me I think he even writes notes and stuff towards himself but we don't know at the time it's all him he even phones his own cell phone some how to tell himself to get out car before the bomb goes off please please help I've been looking for a few year now

Alan g 33 hours ago

What's the film where the man puts a bomb in his own car and gives himself instructions on phone of where to go and at end we find out he bean playing tricks in his own mind the whole time

Jay 33 hours ago

Whats the movie... young professional driving an expension car in a rush to a meeting, he hits a young brunette on a bicycle with his car. He offers to buy a new bike and they start dating. She has 3 other boyfriends and through out the movie falls in love with the young professional and has a meeting with all 3 boyfriends to tell them so. (None of the actors or actresses are well known and I doubt it was released in theaters. I saw it on Showtime)

Kristian 33 hours ago

Yes I am thinking of Cashback. Thank you so much @Sandy. :)

maria 33 hours ago

Hello, bit of a movie geek myself...have been looking for this movie I saw about 15 years guessing it must be late 80 or early 90 usa movie. Futuristic about a world where a deadly virus is spreading, there is a curfew at night. A girl falls in love with a black guy who is fighting the current virus situation with a group of rebel people who have been targeted by police. The black guy is taking care of a young boy think his name was Torch. He dies in the movie by falling off a building. In the end the girl is betrayed by her brother and best friend and the black guy is caught and injected with the virus by the government. The girl still struggles with her love for him. In the end she becomes the leader of the rebel group. I ve been looking for ages of the name of it, so if anyone can help please do. Many thanks in advance.

denise 33 hours ago

what is the name of the move when the man had a accident and if the car was moved he would die and he had a party at the car accident scene

Timahhhht 34 hours ago

I'm trying to find a movie from the 90s I believe. I only remember two scenes. A girl gets raped at a party by her supposed friend and the other scene is the same girl is having a conversation with another friend who is a guy. He has blonde hair, and is wearing a mechanics uniform. He has an open box cutter I believe in his pocket. They get into a slight argument and the girl accidentally gets stabbed. That's all I can remember. Please Help!!!

Norah 34 hours ago

Hello. I remember watching a movie a very long time ago about a woman who finds a man on the shore and she takes him to her home (which was on an isolated island) and heals his wounds and takes care of him. When he gets better, I think he begins to have an interest in her, and she seems to fall for him. The woman seems to be mentally unstable and the man uses that for his advantage and he gets her to have sex with him. Then the man realizes that the woman has been keeping him in her home on that island saying that nobody else was there when the island wasn't really isolated, or at least, there were people whom she had contact with on that island, but she tried to hide the fact that there was a lost man in her house, and she did all that just to get him to stay with her because she loved him and when the man finds out he get angry and tries to get away. I don't remember the ending, but I hope that someone could help me with this movie.

Sandy 34 hours ago


Are you thinking of "Cashback"(2006)

Kristian 34 hours ago

Hi. I am trying to remember a movie because I want to watch it again but I do not remember as much.

Part of the movie that i remember:

The main character walks into a supermarket and he freezes time and are able to see trough every girls clothes.

Please help me :)

Josh 34 hours ago

I saw a movie in the early 2000s where a guy picks up a girl without knowing that she was a hooker hired by his friends. She was in trouble with her pimp, and the entire movie is of this guy trying to protect this chick. I also remember that they keep saying "i think you're cool" to each other.

Thanks for your help, it's driving me crazy.

jannire 35 hours ago

I'm looking for the name of a movie that is about this group of friends that are going to this cabin I think to celebrate their friends birthday but in the way their being followed by a man in a car (I didn't see it from the start ) and one of the friends a boy,is always filming with his camera the point is they later find out the nan has been inside their house and later one the man is outside and the lights go off and thier trying to get reception to call the police

Brandon right 36 hours ago

@Cindi Kieke

Are you thinking of HoundDog with Dakota Fanning? It's a bout a little girl obsessed with Elvis and it probably has scenes like you described

Brandon Right 36 hours ago

@Cindi Kieke

Are you thinking of HoundDog with Dakota Fanning? It's a bout a little girl obsessed with Elvis and it probably has scenes like you described

Christina 36 hours ago

I'm looing for this movie... A women goes out to a odd club with friends to find them trapped inside. When she run into this room she sees a trunk and out pops a man who escapes. He ends up going back in there to save that women. Only to find that everyone is getting killed by all kids of traps. I remember a part where the people got stuck in a cage and smashed to death.

Double Feature 36 hours ago

@farrah - the film in which you are referring to is called The Boyfriend School(1990) starring Steve Guttenburg, Shelly Long, and Jaime Gertz.

Double Feature 36 hours ago

@farrah - the film in which you are referring to is called The Boyfriend School(1990) starring Steve Guttenburg, Shelly Long, and Jaime Gertz.

Roxie 37 hours ago

Need the name of an old, perhaps made for TV? movie. Chick flick, even perhaps. In the opening of movie a woman leaves a note on the dining room table. Leaves her family and home and procedes to live in a woods. Daughter seeks her Mother...finds her and the Mother is happy with her new life. I remember a line that keeps me searching for this film. Mother says.."If you can't get it right after 30'll never get it right." ANY ideas at all...anybody?

farrah 37 hours ago

Looking for a movie about a lonely cartoonist whose sister sets him up on a blind date. After the girl shuns him the sister works on a plan to change her brother's looks to prove to her that she is jaded. The lonely cartoonist then changes his hair his clothes and even adopts an Australian accent calling himself lobo. Been trying like made to find the name of the movie but I can't think of the name of any of the actors.

Matthew J 37 hours ago

I remember this movie/TV show being on HBO in the late 70's early 80's.

The key plot points were a boy who was very mean to other children (living on a mountain or small mountain like town). He carved a horse out of wood and onther child (perhaps a girl) broke the carved horses legs. The mean boy took a kitten and threw the kitten over a cliff, the kitten's owner who is a little boy goes over the cliff to rescue the kitten to fall and get paralized. The mean boy has a change of heart for all the bad things that he has done and proceeds to find a doctor who can help. The girl the broke the carved horse may have been the brother of the boy who got paralyzed.

I don't remember if this was a movie or a tv show, but I do remember it being on HBO in the late 70's or early 80's.

Thank you.


JerryO'Rourke 37 hours ago

Looking for a movie in french--civil servant has bad home life--realto wife leave him--he has bad female boss, fantasizes in his garage--blind date teks him to medieval role-play event. hilarious. his fantasies eventually interact with him, rebel aginst being his fantasies--he grows up, gets a new life at the end.

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